Biotech Dental to conquer the global smile market

Posted Dec 15 2022 at 7:29

The boss of Biotech Dental , Philippe Véran, is smiling. At fifty-six, this former chartered accountant based in Salon-de-Provence has just received his first dental gutters entirely manufactured by robots. The Smilers factory, which produces these alternatives to braces to correct the alignment of teeth, is able to print 12,000 daily. Enough to multiply by seven its production capacities and halve their cost price within a year.

This new unit will allow us to capture market growth,” hopes his boss. With the vogue for selfies, global annual demand has exceeded 20% in recent years, with sales exceeding $5 billion. A boulevard for the challengers of the American giant Align Technology, which dominates by more than two thirds of the offer.

Last arrival, Smilers, a subsidiary of the Biotech Dental group created in 2014, has already counted 60,000 patients in around thirty countries, including in Asian countries seduced by its speed of execution.

computer mold

Using an intra-oral scanner of her design, she allows practitioners to send her a computerized mold of the dentition to be straightened. Analysis, manufacturing and delivery included, they receive the number of gutters needed in a fortnight. By soon attacking the American market and increasing its commercial pressure, Smilers could reach 250 million euros in turnover within five years (compared to 10 million today) and then represent half of the group activity.

When, in 1987, Philippe Véran welcomed a small dental implant manufacturing company into his office, he did not know much about dentistry, but he had one conviction: the sector could be industrialized, just like any other any other.

In thirty years, this man of figures will multiply the creations and takeovers: after the purchase from his founder of Biotech in 1993, he takes a stake in Poly-Shape (European leader in metal 3D printing) in 2007, creates Elitech (sold since, after having risen among the French leaders in medical diagnostics), then Leasemi in 2008 (financing solution for medical equipment and consumables) and DentoSmile in 2014 (now Smilers), integrates the companies Denteo and Z-Tech ( design and manufacture of custom-made prosthetic parts), and set up subsidiaries all over the world.

Custom digital models

Innovation is its driving force. “We invest massively in research to develop quality products made in France at the right price,” explains the boss. Thanks to the massive use of 3D and artificial intelligence, protected by around twenty patent families and several manufacturing secrets, its portfolio now includes 50,000 practitioners worldwide.

No more traditional plaster models: Biotech Dental uses a device that automatically creates personalized digital models. Scanned at the dentist, the patient’s anatomical data is sent either directly to the prosthetist if he is equipped with a numerically controlled machining machine to manufacture ceramic prostheses, or sent to Biotech Dental which raised 100 million euros in 2018 to create and duplicate in the United States and China a tool capable of processing more than 1,500 dental references.


million euros The turnover of the Biotech Dental group

The group employs more than 700 people and achieved a turnover of nearly 120 million euros last year by covering the entire value chain of the dental sector, from the design of its own materials to the manufacture of implants the supply of consumables, aligned with the prices charged in Asia, Turkey, Madagascar or Romania, which are deemed to be five times cheaper. “By controlling all data flows from start to finish, from the dental office to the machining centre, we gain productivity points at each stage of the chain”, sums up Philippe Véran.

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Biotech Dental to conquer the global smile market

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