CNES: A “construction lease” for the future operational center of the Space Command has been signed – Zone Militaire

When it was created, in September 2019, the Space Command [CDE] had moved temporarily to the premises of the National Center for Space Studies [CNES]in Toulouse, for lack of being able to have its own facilities to accommodate its 220 soldiers.

It was then a question of building, in the middle of the French space “ecosystem” and by 2025, an operational center which should in particular bring together the Military Satellite Observation Center [CMOS] 1/92 Bourgogne and the Operational Center for Military Surveillance of Space Objects [COSMOS].

“It will be an ambitious project that involves the creation of new infrastructures as well as the development of modern technical means such as massive data processing, decision support by artificial intelligence, augmented reality, connectivity, etc. This center should accommodate CNES staff but also industrial and commercial partners,” explained General Michel Friedling, then head of the CDE.

This project will finally be able to see the light of day… Indeed, on October 24, a “construction lease”, for a period of forty years, was signed in order to bring out of the ground not only the future building of the Command of the Space but also the one that will host the NATO Center of Excellence [COE] for the space domain.

“The plot chosen by the Ministry of the Armed Forces in July 2021 to locate the CDE building there is located on the site of the Toulouse Space Center of CNES, at the heart of the French and European space ecosystem in order to maximize synergies with the latter. The planned infrastructure will eventually accommodate a staff of around 500 people. The second building, intended to accommodate the COE for the space sector, will be built in the immediate vicinity of that of the CDE and will be able to accommodate around fifty French and foreign permanent staff,” specifies the Air & Space Force.

According to the explanations of the specialized site LegalPlace, in the case of a construction lease, the lessee undertakes to construct and/or improve buildings on the owner’s land. “He also undertakes to keep them in good condition and to bear all charges and repairs throughout the duration of the lease. The tenant is thus the owner of the buildings during this period, then it is the lessor who becomes the owner once the lease has expired, which allows him to benefit from all the improvements made, ”he says.

“I would like to salute the mobilization of the teams of the Air and Space Force, the Defense Infrastructure Service [SID] and CNES who made it possible to complete, on time, this essential step in the realization of our future Center for military space operations in Toulouse”, commented General Philippe Adam, the current commander of Space.

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CNES: A “construction lease” for the future operational center of the Space Command has been signed – Zone Militaire

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