Connected sensors and Artificial Intelligence replace manual input

“If, directly from the fields, we could automatically record all our operations thanks to sensors, it would be a real time saver for us”, intervenes Marc-Antoine Dumoulin, farmer in Aisne. Accounting entry and crop monitoring records take up most of farmers’ office time.

Connected objects, tools to help automate plot monitoring

Applied to agriculture, connected sensors, or IoT, for Internet of Things, are sensors capable of collecting information related to plot interventions. “With the connected sensors linked to the Geofolia EasyTrack application (agricultural traceability software without entry), the agricultural business manager no longer has to worry about recording his interventions, because these go directly back into his plot monitoring,” explains Cécilia Goret, marketing manager at ISAGRI. Fitted with a motion detector, these sensors are placed on the various tools in the equipment fleet.

ISAGRI Geofolia app

When these start up, the sensors are activated to collect the information necessary for plot monitoring: the intervention carried out, the date, the time, the equipment used, the duration, the plots concerned, the area worked, the operator. This data is automatically reconciled in the Geofolia EasyTrack application. On a daily basis, the farmer no longer has to enter his site information. Instead, he receives a daily report of the tasks performed. Beyond saving time, automating the recording of interventions guarantees daily updates of traceability, streamlines information exchanges with technical partners and prevents data entry errors!

Accounting entry by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Among the daunting tasks, the accounting registration of invoices fully ticks the box. “There is nothing motivating about recording invoices, yet we spend a lot of time there,” explains Urbain Van Den Avenne, a farmer in Aisne. I would prefer to devote this time to the development of budgets, provisional EBITDA, to the analysis of production costs. In this register, ISAGRI offers the AMI Compta solution, equipped with artificial intelligence. “The AI ​​does not get tired, it will be able to perform daunting tasks continuously”, describes Sarah Rezzougui, Artificial Intelligence project manager at ISAGRI. In addition, the AI ​​will offer, over successive recordings, increasingly precise accounting entries to aim for zero entry.

The development of artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things responds to various challenges in the agricultural world: time saving, reduction of data entry constraints, data security and reliability, collaborative work and optimization of decision-making tools. . The synergies between these technologies suggest new possibilities for the purpose of performance, optimization of inputs, comfort and user safety.

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Connected sensors and Artificial Intelligence replace manual input

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