Criteo and Inria announce a strategic partnership for the development of responsible AI

On March 31, Criteo, an international technology company that provides the world’s first Commerce Media Platform, announced a five-year research partnership between the Criteo AI Lab and Inria (the National Institute for Research in Digital Science and Technology). This partnership covers all future collaborations between Criteo and Inria on artificial intelligence (AI).

Founded in 2005 by Jean-Baptiste Rudelle, Franck Le Ouay and Romain Nicolli, Criteo is a company specializing in retargeting (advertising retargeting, an online marketing technique to target visitors to a site or web page. In June 2018, it created the Criteo AI Lab, currently made up of 60 engineers and 30 researchers, a center of excellence in research on the deep learning and AI which explores the global impact of AI on advertising and commerce. His research is published in various public forums and he develops open source tools.

This laboratory aims to deepen academic and industrial research. Its teams collaborate with prestigious public academic institutions, such as the CNRS or INRIA, thus creating bridges between the private and public sectors. Additionally, Criteo funds internships, PhDs, and postdoctoral research to prepare the next generation of researchers.

The Criteo AI lab and Inria partnership

Criteo AI Lab and Inria share a common vision: that of research that is both open, at the highest academic level, and rooted in industrial issues, in order to develop ethical data management tools and make them accessible to the community of researchers and businesses.

To study the impact of AI on the design of transparent and fair marketplaces, a joint project-team, FAIRPLAY, led by Vianney Perchet, principal researcher at Criteo, researcher at CREST and professor at ENSAE, as well as Patrick Loiseau, Inria researcher, was created. This research team, hosted both at CREST, a joint CNRS-ENSAE-ENSAI-Ecole Polytechnique research unit, and at Criteo, is made up of five academic researchers (Inria, ENSAE and Ecole Polytechnique) and four researchers and engineers from Criteo.

It will have to address various problems and more particularly:

  • How to provide access to relevant and personalized content, while taking into account the imperatives of the protection of personal data, and in particular in certain cases, the lesser knowledge of users and their uses?
  • How to ensure that an advertisement or a job offer can be seen in a non-discriminatory way?

These questions are paramount for Criteo, which, as an organizer of advertising marketplaces, uses automatic AI-based systems for its advertising buyers and sellers. The work of the FAIRPLAY team will also focus on ethical and trusted AI and will be communicated in leading scientific journals and conferences, the code developed will be shared in open source.

For Inria, this partnership with Criteo is part of the framework, initiated in 2018, of strengthening strategic agreements with French companies. After Naval Group, EDF and Total Energie, Criteo is the 4th company with which Inria has created a joint project-team.

Jean-Frédéric Gerbeau, Deputy CEO for Science at Inria, says:

“This partnership constitutes a new incarnation of what has driven Inria for more than fifty years: scientific excellence and economic impact. As coordinator of the research component of the National Plan for Artificial Intelligence, Inria is committed to accelerating France’s leadership in responsible AI. We are happy to work with Criteo to achieve this ambition. »

For Criteo, this collaboration shows the desire to develop open innovation with private and public partners, driven by the conviction that collaboration between AI researchers from both ecosystems contributes to the effervescence of the field.

Romain Lerallut, VP Engineering and Director of the Criteo AI Lab, says:

“Having always been involved in collaborations with the academic community, Criteo’s research teams are pleased to initiate this partnership with Inria, a key player in public research in digital science and technology and therefore in artificial intelligence. Criteo is pursuing its open research policy with this partnership and wants to use this collaboration to address crucial questions raised by AI, such as those of trust, fairness and confidentiality. »

Criteo AI Lab and Inria are ranked first in the European Union, respectively in the category of private laboratories and academic institutions, for the volume of their publications in the most prestigious research conferences on AI.

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Criteo and Inria announce a strategic partnership for the development of responsible AI

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