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Since the announcement of the end of third-party cookies by Google (postponed to 2024), contextual marketing is considered, despite its “old school” reputation, as one of the most suitable solutions for this future transformation of the digital advertising. What can we expect from contextual marketing?

Content at the heart of contextual marketing

Unlike user-based advertising, which relies on user data to send targeted advertising, targeting in contextual advertising is based on an analysis of the content of the pages to offer visitors ads in affinity with the user. world of content.

“Content has many signals and contextual elements that can be analyzed on the pages through the text, images, videos or even the advertising broadcast. These elements help us deliver solutions without tracking user behavior.” Nicolas Ficca, Head of Publishers France of Outbrain

Natural Language Processing: the basis of real and effective contextual marketing

The semantics which consists in analyzing the keywords of a page is certainly a good start for practicing contextual marketing, however, this technique alone is not sufficient. It can also in some cases be dangerous for the brand image (poor advertising distribution context) when the real meaning of the content is not taken into account. It is to this problem that Natural Language Processing (NLP) provides an answer, since this form of artificial intelligence makes it possible to process the subtleties of human language and therefore the meaning of words.

The impact of context in a world where user data tends to dwindle

The tightening of data protection rules (and in particular the CNIL directives on obtaining consent) has reduced the addressability of audiences. In this context, the contextual marketing approach is key:

“Today, one in two advertisements has no associated data. With a contextual approach, you can reach 100% of the population you are trying to reach.” Laurent Nicolas, Co-founder and CEO of Impcit

Still a minority today, contextual advertising should occupy a major place in online marketing strategies in the cookieless era.

Media planning vs Audience planning

Is targeting audience based on page context rather than user data the death of audience planning?
Not according to the actors of the sector. It will indeed always be possible to target clusters although these will be limited. On the other hand, it is certain that old-style media planning is restricted by a small number of targeting criteria (sex, age) which is no longer possible after decades of ultra-targeted campaigns. As always in this changing industry, innovation will be key to providing complementary and/or alternative solutions.

Publishers take back control

For publishers, the future end of third-party cookies, which has been shaking up the market for two years already, is also an opportunity to regain control of both their content and their audiences, with a good reason to make more use of their data first. -party and define their segments. The technological offer on the market is also developing more and more in this direction.

“Weborama launched the Weborama Contextual Platform two weeks ago, which allows publishers to create their own segments and highlight the richness and value of their content by offering contextual activation.” Mykim Chikli, EMEA CEO of Weborama

An approach that benefits internet users

As specified by Implcit, which wishes to reinvent digital advertising on a basis without user data, contextual marketing also makes it possible to offer a better advertising experience by avoiding, for example, the over-exposure of audiences. In particular, the company is working on projects such as repetition management, which until now has depended on third-party cookies and useful capping IDs, and is already able to study the actual individual repetition at which presented to the audience thanks to a panel of 25,000 people.

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[Dossier] Contextual marketing: what can we expect today and tomorrow? – AD-EXCHANGE.FR *

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