Elsan hospitals will use medical imaging software from start-up Incepto

After having completed a fundraising of 27 million euros, the medtech Incepto announced on September 3 that it had conquered the private hospitalization group Elsan. “This is a very strong moment for our companyrejoiced CEO Antoine Jomier, interviewed by L’Usine Digitale. It’s a great accelerator.

Through this partnership, the 137 establishments and 48 Elsan imaging centers will be able to use the 19 medical imaging software programs offered by Incepto. This young shoot, founded in 2018, is both a distributor and producer of artificial intelligence applications.

Indeed, it selects already existing solutions, among which are Screenpoint which makes it possible to detect breast cancer, Aidence for lung cancer as well as Qure for the precise analysis of thoracic and cerebral X-rays. At the request of customers, it also produces its own algorithms in collaboration with health professionals.

A unique portfolio of solutions

We will inform Incepto about our needs so that it is as relevant as possible in its product roadmap.“, explained Dorothée Moisy, director of innovation at Elsan, at L’Usine Digitale. She says that the hospital group selected Incepto, despite the multitude of start-ups specializing in AI applied to the medical imaging, because it has the particularity of offering a portfolio of pre-selected products.”It is a real trusted third partyshe says. It is a single interlocutor both on the technical and regulatory angle.

Indeed, Incepto scrupulously analyzes each algorithm before integrating it into its portfolio. The review covers both the technical and legal aspects (hosting, data storage, etc.). Antoine Jomier adds that the company’s financial health is also monitored. The goal is to provide turnkey solutions that customers can trust.

Before signing a partnership of this magnitude, Elsan wanted to test Incepto’s solutions. This is the group’s mode of operation for which the suitability of software to the needs of professionals in the field is the decisive criterion for choosing a solution.

Thus, for the past two years, emergency physicians and radiologists at the Esquirol Saint Hilaire clinic in Agen, in the New Aquitaine region, have been using software to help them interpret trauma examinations. Implementing this solution has enabled them to significantly reduce the number of unidentified fractures in emergency departments, reducing the rate of missed fractures from 18% to less than 3%.

Reach more than one million patients within two years

For Incepto, this partnership is an important step. Currently, its solutions are used on more than 100,000 patients per month. “We now hope to reach one million per month within two years“, says the CEO. The Elsan group takes care of more than 2.2 million patients a year.

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Elsan hospitals will use medical imaging software from start-up Incepto

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