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5 solutions provided by HiJiffy’s AI.

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Communication solutions powered by artificial intelligence can benefit hospitality staff, from receptionists to marketing managers to hotel managers.
In recent years, the lack of personnel in the hotel sector has been a real problem. Artificial intelligence makes it possible to respond to this difficulty, specific to the hotel sector, by relieving staff of many time-consuming tasks, thus making them more productive with regard to missions directly related to customers, aimed at offering them a more personalized experience. Coupled with AI-powered data analytics, existing solutions can help the hospitality industry improve customer service, decision-making, and marketing campaigns.

1. Automated customer service through hotel chatbots.

AI technologies, such as chatbots or reservation assistants, can autonomously provide customer service, thus relieving staff of certain repetitive administrative tasks. AI can respond to most guest questions instantly, allowing for more queries to be processed without straining hotel staff, or causing guests to experience excessive wait time long. The time spent managing reservations and answering the most frequent questions from guests can thus be invested in other ways, in more complex actions that absolutely require human interaction. Reducing these repetitive tasks also promotes staff job satisfaction.

2. Collection of valuable information during the stay.

Many hosts are using artificial intelligence in their daily lives, whether it’s embedded in lifestyle apps or connected devices. During their stay, they may be more inclined to use the services of a virtual concierge to report a problem or respond promptly to certain requests for advice. Chatbots have many advantages, among other things, they allow you to answer specific questions, but also to alert the staff concerned within the hotel so that the request is processed quickly and the customer is thus satisfied.

3. Better decision making with instant access to data.

Through AI, hotel managers gain easy access to valuable data from guest interactions and hotel chatbots. Fueled by the results generated by AI and by a continuously updated database, hoteliers can thus make better decisions, optimize offers and services within the hotel, anticipate and respond to customer demand. The back office of AI-enabled applications presents data in a clear way, eliminating technical obstacles and complex training. Consequently, staff time and resources can be allocated to other tasks relating to management, management or even the development of innovative ideas.

4. More effective marketing with dynamic AI-powered conversations.

Through the virtual booking assistant, hotel marketers can run more effective campaigns, even with limited resources. AI-powered chatbot conversations dynamically adapt and evolve to deliver the best sales opportunities at every stage of the customer journey – whether generating new leads, direct bookings or upsells. Thanks to numerous customization options, applications with AI easily integrate colors and brand universes, thus helping to reinforce the image and provide a consistent customer experience.

5. Easy integrations with existing channels.

While the prospect of implementing solutions with AI may seem difficult due to a supposed lack of necessary skills or technologies, in reality there are no obstacles to integrating tools of this type. Applications using artificial intelligence easily integrate with the various communication channels, CRM and reservation systems already in place. Communication with customers is centralized and continuously transferred to a human operator when it benefits the customer experience. Booking assistants can be easily installed on a site without any major changes being made to the structure of the site. Most AI-related service providers offer training throughout onboarding as well as troubleshooting support throughout the subscription.

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Since its inception in 2016, HiJiffy has been on a mission to provide automated, personalized and centralized service to help hotels provide a better experience for their guests. With global growth, it is currently present in more than 30 countries.

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Faced with the lack of staff in the hotel sector, 5 solutions » PACA’s economic and political newsletter

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