Gironde. Langon Hospital: “More efficient medical imaging with the second scanner”

Dr Thierry Dufoir, head of the medico-technical center, Patricia Sores, health manager in the medical imaging department and Dr Lionel Pesquer, radiologist next to the 2nd scanner at Langon hospital (Gironde). (©Bernard Peyré – The South-Gironde Republican)

“This new scanner improves the interventional radiology care offer and will make it possible to go from 15,000 to 18,000 acts in the first quarter of 2023”, explains Dr Lionel Pesquer, radiologist in the imaging department, next to the second scanner which has just arrived in the examination room of the Sud-Gironde hospital center in Langon. “It will also make it possible to develop therapeutic activities, such as spinal infiltrations, thanks to real-time images with the fluoro-scanner technique. »

Reduce appointment times

This second scanner is dedicated more specifically to emergencies that need a faster tool and to hospitalized patients.

The goal is to reduce appointment times for outpatients and hospital patients. It will reduce waiting for hospitalized patients and reduced hospitalization. It’s really a plus for the hospital and it also allows to shorten the delays for city patients.

Dr Thierry DufoirHead of the medico-technical center of the CH du Sud-Gironde

The work to install the new scanner and adapted premises required an investment of €140,000. The tool is on a long-term lease of 7 years for a cost of €883,000. It will then be replaced by a newer scanner.

“Optimal image quality”

“The scanner has a whole bunch of software that uses artificial intelligence. They make it possible to reduce the doses and to have an optimal image quality,” continues Dr. Lionel Pesquer. Here works a team of 15 radiologists from Sud-Gironde and Bordeaux Métropole.

The hospital’s two imaging centers improve patient care and make it possible to separate the flows of outpatients and hospitalized patients and to better support them.

A new computer system

the South Gironde hospital center also invested this year €200,000 in a new IT system. “It improves the operation of the service, the exchange of information between the secretariat, the reception, the radiologists, the manipulators, so that the information is exchanged in an ergonomic way”, specifies Laurent Besse, manager of the information system.

Patricia Sores in front of the computers that drive the second scanner at the Langon hospital (Gironde).
Patricia Sores, health manager in the medical imaging department, in front of the computers that control the second scanner at Langon hospital (Gironde). (©Bernard Peyré – Republican South Gironde)

The new system also improves the storage of imaging exams. “We can make them available to the Bordeaux University Hospital, the Bergonié Institute; this makes it possible to avoid redundant examinations, the sharing of images and reports. They are available on a platform for city doctors. »

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See you online for imaging in 2023

The hospital chose outsource the hosting of health data to secure access. In 2023, patients will be able to make an appointment online for the medical imaging department and on more and more sectors such as ophthalmology (KelDoc), outpatient.

Appointments at the imaging department of the Langon hospital are to be made by telephone at, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday to Friday. If the line is saturated, it is also possible to make an appointment by email at: [email protected]

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Gironde. Langon Hospital: “More efficient medical imaging with the second scanner”

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