Google Cloud Expands Its Cybersecurity And Automation Capabilities Tech Tribune France

Google LLC’s cloud business on Thursday Makes its debut new features that will make it easier for businesses to secure and manage their cloud environments.

The first new feature, Workforce Identity Federation, is rolling out for the Google Cloud IAM service. Google Cloud IAM allows companies to centrally manage which employees can access which component of their cloud infrastructure and how. The new Workforce Identity Federation feature promises to reduce the amount of work required to manage employee access.

In the enterprise, administrators typically use a type of software known as an IdP platform to manage employee access to technology resources. An IdP platform stores data on which employee can use which technology asset and how.

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In the past, organizations had to create a copy of the data stored by their IdP platform and add the copy to Google Cloud. Workforce Identity Federation eliminates the need to create and manage two separate copies of data. The result, according to Google, is that managing employee access to cloud applications will require less time and effort for customers.

“Workforce Identity Federation can enable users in your organization to access Google Cloud through the same sign-in experience they already use for their existing IdP for single sign-on,” said Sid Mishra, Google Cloud Product Manager, in a blog post.

The company launched the feature alongside a update to an existing feature called GKE Autopilot. This feature is available as part of Google Cloud’s Google Kubernetes Engine service for running software containers. GKE Autopilot can automatically provision and manage the cloud infrastructure on which an organization’s software containers run, saving administrators time.

GKE Autopilot can now provision cloud instances equipped with Nvidia Corp’s T4 and A100 GPUs. The T4 is a versatile GPU designed to run both artificial intelligence and video processing applications. The A100, in turn, is Nvidia’s most advanced AI chip: it promises to deliver up to 20 times more performance than the chipmaker’s previous flagship data center GPU.

Newly added T4 and A100 support will allow customers to apply GKE Autopilot functionality to more cloud use cases. Enterprises can now use GKE Autopilot to automate the management of software container clusters that run complex workloads such as AI applications. According to Google, customers can customize the number of GPUs assigned to their containers with a few lines of code.

“No need to install drivers separately, or worry about non-GPU pods running on your valuable GPU nodes, as Autopilot takes care of GPU configuration and Pod placement automatically,” William said. Denniss, GKE Autopilot Product Manager.

As part of the GKE update, the company is also increasing the number of virtual central processing units that can be added to a Kubernetes pod. A Kubernetes pod is a section of a cloud environment that can contain one or more containers. Pods can now be configured with up to 244 vCPUs, up from 54, as well as up to 851 gibibytes of memory.

Google Cloud has released GKE Autopilot and Workforce Identity Federation updates along with two other platform enhancements.

Cloud Spanner, Google Cloud’s managed relational database, can now work twice more data operations both on a company’s business information. Meanwhile, the natural language API service is concealment an upgraded content classification AI that customers can use to organize documents by topic. According to the company, the AI ​​is able to organize documents finer than before and supports 10 additional languages.

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Google Cloud Expands Its Cybersecurity And Automation Capabilities Tech Tribune France

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