Hardware – When IBM decides to invest in cycling with… Sorius!

IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator just selected Sorius and its coaching solution for cyclists in its 2022 promotion of the most promising startups in terms ofArtificial intelligence. Explanations with this interview of Florent PolizziCTO of Sorius and Niels Brouzes, CxO and former professional cyclist. As a reminder, Niels Brouzes is the founder of the platform Sorius which offers next-generation coaching at an affordable price. The former professional returns to the foundations of his philosophy which he duplicated via this project which is emerging today. As a reminder, Niels Brouzes was a professional cyclist from 2002 to 2010 in the team of Stéphane Javalet – Big Mat -Auber93. Champion of France in the category of hopes, winner of the Tour du Finistère in the French Cup among professionals, he has advised many professional and amateur runners for more than 10 years using his method of support.

Video – Niels Brouzes is the founder of the Sorius platform!

Sorius has just joined IBM’s global acceleration program in Artificial Intelligence, can you tell us more?

Niels Brouzes : It is a great pride to integrate the IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator program, it is the fruit of a team that brings together multiple high-level skills including those of Florent Polizzi who is one of the co-founders and CTO (Technical director) from the start-up Sorius. He’s the tech in the team, when I presented the project to him, he immediately told me that he could scale Sorius internationally with a dedicated team and that he wanted to write the story of Sorius and transform coaching with a new technological approach. It is a machine in its field!

Florent, technology is at the heart of the Sorius program, how do you see integration into this IBM HPA program?

Florent Polizzi : “Tech For Good For Profit”, here is how I can define the IBM Hyper Protect accelerator which accompanies the unicorns of tomorrow towards a tripartite vision of their business model, by putting on an equal footing the human and the confidentiality of its data, the performance of the technology and its impact. Joining this program is a great opportunity to make Sorius the leader in online coaching in the world and a major player in sports and health. We are very proud to represent France and to be able to benefit from the best IBM experts in Artificial Intelligence on an international scale.

What were the selection criteria?

PF : Several hundred startups from around the world have applied for this program and Sorius is one of the few French startups to be among the companies selected. Several criteria had to be met to join the program, which focuses on supporting breakthrough solution providers around the world by leveraging highly sensitive data in digital, financial, insurance and health services. By offering our revolutionary artificial intelligence for cycling coaching, supporting cycling for health integrating the insurance world, Sorius had good cards to be selected, it’s done. Niels will say it’s like joining one of the best World Tour teams!

What are the strengths for Sorius in this program?

PF : We have access to world-class security experts with deep business expertise in over 20 industries, we partner with the most open and secure cloud provider for business with advanced next-gen data and AI capabilities and we integrate a community of more than 145 global startups, an exceptional opening for Sorius.

In addition we have two years of ongoing technical mentorship from a team of IBMers and 3 months of business mentorship led by Village Capital, Sorius will receive IBM Cloud Credits up to $120,000 , which equates to a maximum of $10,000 per month for a period of one year.

Is it a real technological challenge?

PF : The real technological challenge is the AI ​​learning methodology. You have to take the AI ​​like a child who must learn to solve situations by having as basic elements, raw data and solutions that are provided to him at the start. It must therefore accumulate a maximum of solutions on raw data to learn. The purpose is that the AI ​​itself provides the solution to the data submitted to it. If we take a very simple example with cats and hens: we give the AI ​​hundreds of thousands of images of hens and cats, telling it each time that such an image corresponds to a hen and another to a cat and that for all the images that we initially provided to him. Thanks to this training, the AI ​​learns to classify an image in the category that comes closest to it. If we draw a parallel with SORIUS: thanks to the user’s learning and data (personal objectives, sensations, feelings, biorhythms, availability, etc.), SORIUS’ AI will be able to provide the user with the training that will be most suitable for him. My personal challenge is to make users feel listened to, understood and supported in their goals by SORIUS AI.

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Hardware – When IBM decides to invest in cycling with… Sorius!

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