Honor presents MagicOS 7.0, here are the new features

Yesterday, Honor announced the introduction of MagicOS 7.0 in China. MagicOS 7 brings important updates in four key areas: smart connectivity, smart services, smooth performance, privacy and security.

Its goal is to provide a continuous flow of green convergence across devices and apps. In case you didn’t know, Honor is about to unveil the Honor 80 series and the Honor Magic Vs.

According to Honor’s official introduction, MagicOS 7.0 integrates MagicRing trust ring, Magic Live wisdom engine, Turbo X system engine, MagicGuard security with four platform-level root technologies, and core system services.

MagicRing — trust ring

Honor presents MagicOS 70 here are the new features

MagicRing on MagicOS 7.0 enables system-wide sharing of services. Unlike traditional point-to-point connections, Honor’s MagicRing allows multiple devices to connect automatically with low power consumption.

Intelligent interconnection with collaboration between multiple devices

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This new approach allows customers to use the same keyboard and mouse for many devices, receive calls and notifications on a device other than their smartphone, and run the same application continuously on multiple devices.

  • MagicRing facilitates multiple operations and enables users to be more connected, providing them with automatic connection, fast data transfers and a smooth operating experience.
  • Honor’s Note feature allows accessing offline information, annotating PDF files, and syncing audio and text files for work and study. Powered by MagicRing, Honor Note enables data synchronization and communication between devices.

Magic Live Smart Engine

MagicOS 7.0 offers smart recommendations for various settings with its quick learning capabilities, helping users to perform daily tasks efficiently. Magic Text accurately recognizes text on an image and converts it to a file, improving productivity. Users can scan text and save it to a PDF file with a single tap.

YOYO Smart Assistant

Honor presents MagicOS 70 here are the new features

YOYO offers more personalized service scenarios and combines recommendations from many simultaneous services in multiple situations; the service you need is just a click away without having to use the APP frequently.

Turbo X system engine

MagicOS 7 integrates OS Turbo X, GPU Turbo X and LINK Turbo X, which constitute the Turbo X system engine. The former uses artificial intelligence (AI) preloading technology to accelerate application launches in multiple scenarios. use and the second learns to precisely deliver resources to applications through scene perception and user understanding.

  • OS Turbo X: The system is now smoother, more efficient and offers better battery life.
  • GPU Turbo X: Delivers better frame rate and lower power consumption thanks to its scene recognition-based AI graphics rendering engine and intelligent scheduling based on scene load.
  • LINK Turbo X: By detecting application characteristics, accessing network characteristics, environmental characteristics and learning user habits, LINK Turbo X can predict and find network blockages in advance, providing thus providing users with a better communication solution.

1669193735 514 Honor presents MagicOS 70 here are the new features

MagicGuard Glory Security

1669193735 959 Honor presents MagicOS 70 here are the new features

User data is protected by the MagicGuard protection system, which extends from the lowest layer of Honor’s self-seeking security storage chip to a self-seeking dual TEE OS.

Flow Design—a natural interactive experience

1669193735 957 Honor presents MagicOS 70 here are the new features

When it comes to other design elements, MagicOS 7.0 uses “Flow” as the main idea. It introduces the Honor Sans font and improves its spacing to make the layout simpler and easier to read.

Open technologies for developers

Honor will make MagicRing, MagicLive, Turbo X and MagicGuard available to developers worldwide to support the rapid expansion of its app ecosystem. By opening 22 kits that cover five main scenarios, Honor allows partners to co-develop 32 new features. Honor will also provide an integrated development environment to help developers around the world build a smarter, more user-centric world.

Honor Sports Health

1669193736 71 Honor presents MagicOS 70 here are the new features

Along with MagicOS 7, Honor also announced system-level card recommendations with the HONOR Health app, which intelligently recommends over 300 system-level card suggestions based on sports.


The first one Honor MagicOS 7.0 public beta testing will begin in December of this year for devices in China.

1669193737 944 Honor presents MagicOS 70 here are the new features

On the occasion of this announcement, George Zhao, CEO of HONOR Device Co., Ltd, said :

Honor MagicOS, one of Honor’s strategic innovations, brings an inclusive ecosystem to life with its fully updated software architecture for an unparalleled user experience. By enabling seamless collaboration across devices and ecosystems, Honor MagicOS will truly transform device-based experiences into user-centric experiences.

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Honor presents MagicOS 7.0, here are the new features

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