How Artificial Intelligence Could Help Us Escape Natural Disasters

News hardware How Artificial Intelligence Could Help Us Escape Natural Disasters

Earlier this week, a cyclone hit the California coast in the United States. As you may know, the territory of the United States often experiences episodes of natural disasters and that is why different companies are looking into the power of artificial intelligence to help the inhabitants to escape these kinds of events.

Artificial intelligence to help residents during natural disasters

A category 5 cyclone with winds of up to 240 km/h hit California territory at the beginning of this week. With the emergence of AI, companies have specialized in helping people with a very useful service.

Indeed, the emergency and hospital telephone lines are overworked during these times.then Sourabh Gupta, the CEO behind the creation of the Skit platform, offers a more than surprising solution. Why not set up a population assistance service where the AI ​​would communicate essential information directly with the inhabitants, but also be able to help them with their requests.

Saurabh Gupta thinks today’s artificial intelligence is so advanced that it could hold a real conversation with locals, with the advantage of never being able to be too busy. In moments of panic, populations could be put in touch with an AI telling them what they could do to avoid being in danger.

A contact platform equipped with artificial intelligence could well modernize our call centers while reducing the risks for the people who work in these places. The platform would also have an undeniable advantage: understanding all languages.

According to the CEO responsible for AI Skit, the latter obviously could not entirely replace real humans present in the centres, but can quite easily resolve complicated situations. For now, tests are being carried out in order to let AI obtain a support role in call centers, but there is no doubt that the many advances made in recent years could well change the management of telephone emergencies. .

AI could detect cyclones much better than us

Prevention is better than cure, and that is what the Department of Energy Pacific Northwest National Laboratory intends to do, who started a project in 2021 to create an artificial intelligence capable of detecting cyclones in advance.

How Artificial Intelligence Could Help Us Escape Natural Disasters

By using previously analyzed models and possible scenarios in this kind of situation, this department could well set up an artificial intelligence capable of detecting cyclones even before they form. The many cyclones that land on the American coasts each year represent a colossal database for this AI, and the development of a complex algorithm based on temperatures, winds, and others, now allows the organization to detect certain nationwide cyclones, all on a single laptop.

The researchers are also working on an algorithm that can detect the links between different cyclones and their behavior through different factors. (temperatures, wind speed, ocean heat, etc.). With these data, the scientists want to develop a program capable of not only detecting the formation of a cyclone, but also of predicting the strength of the winds.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which deals with weather management in the oceans, was able to predict an increase in the intensity of cyclones of 1 to 10% when temperatures are even warmer.

Artificial intelligence could well have a central place in our organizations in a few years. Its use in the context of natural disasters could well help populations, and even rescue teams. For now, these projects are in the testing phase, but we can already see more than positive results.

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How Artificial Intelligence Could Help Us Escape Natural Disasters

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