Infographic: how to really do one-to-one marketing thanks to Individuation® Marketing?

Today, customers expect to be recognized with their unique needs. To achieve this, we must rethink customer relations and marketing communications. Indeed, sending the same campaigns to large targets is no longer possible. Customers must be considered in their individuality, taking into account their specific needs. To do this, Splio has developed Individuation® Marketing. The aim of this innovative concept is to enable each company to communicate appropriately on a case-by-case basis with each customer. In an animated infographicSplio goes over the workings of this new approach and explains how Individuation® Marketing enables one-to-one marketing.


Rethinking customer marketing

With this Individuation® Marketing platform, Splio’s goal is for businesses to be able to truly do one-to-one marketing. Indeed, this is difficult with a targeting model such as segmentation. This consists of grouping customers according to their purchasing behavior. The problem is that it is not the single individual who is considered, but a group of people with similarities.

Since everyone’s individual needs and expectations are not taken into consideration, the campaigns sent are not always adequate. Faced with communications that are too irrelevant, customers can then be dissatisfied, even annoyed. The customer relationship is tarnished, and the company’s turnover pays the consequences.

For marketers, keeping the promise of one-to-one marketing is also complicated because of the multiplication of the amount of data to manage. We must identify those that will create a unique customer experience, which is not easy in the face of the mass of information. At the same time, it is also necessary to determine the most relevant channels from a list that is only growing: SMS, display, e-mail, etc.

To simplify this management, companies tend to add tools. The problem is that they are not always easy to learn or genuinely useful. This ultimately complicates customer marketing, and the marketer finds himself doing operations rather than strategy.

It’s hard to create effective marketing campaigns when internal processes don’t allow it. It is therefore imperative to rethink the way customer marketing works by putting customer needs at the heart of it.


Individualize each relationship

It is to meet all these challenges that Splio has developed an Individuation® Marketing platform. On it, a profile is designed for each customer. It is created from precise data.

Profiles are scalable. They change based on actions performed by individuals, such as placing an order. This information makes it possible to enrich customer knowledge and to better identify everyone’s preferences, such as their favorite communication channel, and their expectations.

This is made possible thanks to the intervention of algorithms and artificial intelligence. Thanks to these technologies, indicators are continuously updated. Depending on the appetites of each contact, the platform will arbitrate the most relevant campaign among all those available, when there is one.

The parameters, previously selected by the marketer, are also taken into account. It is up to him to enter his product catalog and configure his constraints and objectives. He is then freed from operational tasks and can once again concentrate on his strategy.

It exploits the full potential of its database, and one-to-one activation finally becomes possible. This translates into a more lasting customer relationship, and greater profits. All the advantages of Individuation® Marketing are to be discovered in Splio’s Customer Marketing Equation Animated Infographic.


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Infographic: how to really do one-to-one marketing thanks to Individuation® Marketing?

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