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The head of government, Najla Bouden, called on Monday in Djerba to lift all the obstacles to mobility in the French-speaking world and to work more for “a circular partnership”.

“It is no longer tolerable and accepted that our young people, our entrepreneurs, our researchers and our artists are prevented from acting”, declared the head of government, during the closing of the works of the 4th edition of the Economic Forum of the Francophonie which is held on the sidelines of the 18th edition of the Sommet de la Francophonie.

She seized this opportunity to salute “the immense talent and creativity of Tunisian youth”.

“The Mediterranean Sea that unites us should no longer be the sea of ​​all dangers for those who leave and should no longer be the sea of ​​all suffering for those who remain behind them”, she pleaded, calling French-speaking countries to work together to offer their young people the future they deserve.

In this regard, she emphasized the need to further support entrepreneurship, in particular through the development of “innovative” financing, specifying, in this sense, that Tunisia recommended, during the of this summit the creation of a fund of funds intended to support start-ups in the French-speaking world.

And to add that this recommendation was unanimously approved by the member countries of the International Organization of La Francophonie.

The Head of Government also underlined that Tunisia has suggested launching a plea for better regulation of data flows in the French-speaking world.

“Developing countries should stop being mere suppliers of artificial intelligence data. It is time for them to become actors in their fields,” she suggested.

On the other hand, Najla Bouden insisted on the need for a “further” integration of value chains in the French-speaking world, in order to facilitate exchanges between the different countries, in many strategic sectors.

It also deemed it essential to restructure agricultural and industrial policies.

“The various crises we have faced in recent years have made it possible to put food and energy security back at the center of our economies’ concerns,” she said.

For the creation of a free zone of innovation in the French-speaking world

Referring to the digital transition, the head of government stressed the importance of fighting against the digital divide between the French-speaking countries of the north and the south.

In this regard, she pleaded in favor of the creation of common platforms, a kind of “free zone of innovation” which would allow the construction of networks of exchange and entrepreneurship.

“Connectivity will open the door to new horizons and allow our young people to develop their projects and start-ups,” she insisted.

To meet all of these challenges, she stressed, it is important to strengthen multilateral international cooperation in the French-speaking world.

“The sharing of good practices and the transfer of technologies are essential for our French-speaking area”, she added, assuring that Tunisia will undertake to follow up on the recommendations resulting from this forum so that they can be implemented. implemented.

She also called on French-speaking countries to seize the opportunities enjoyed by Tunisia, including its strategic positioning, its human capital and the attractiveness of its multi-sector ecosystem, with a view to an economic partnership “acting and generating shared wealth and sustainable “.

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La Francophonie Economic Forum: Najla Bouden calls for lifting the obstacles to mobility in the French-speaking world – Challenges TN

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