Left or right?: Who is the student behind the phenomenon site?

STUDENT OF THE MONTH – Théo Delemazure, 23, designed the “De gauche ou de droit” site after a joke between friends. Today, it exceeds one million visits.

In a few days, the site he had created to make his friends laugh reached one million views. Theo Delemazura doctoral student at Paris Dauphine University, has managed to design a platform from his bedroom that responds using artificial intelligence (and a certain amount of randomness) to the following answer: is this object, this sport, this dish left or right?The idea, original but unifying, came to him from a common game with those around him. “One day, a friend explained to me that the Heineken was on the right while the Kronenbourg was on the left, remembers the student. Since then, it has become a debate that amuses us a lot and I thought that artificial intelligence could make it even funnier..

Théo Delemazure is preparing a thesis at Dauphine.

“I created this site for fun” Théo Delemazure, PhD student in computer science

Because the 23-year-old student has a special training: he is in the second year of a doctorate in mathematics at Dauphine, after having obtained his master’s degree in artificial intelligence at the same university. A discipline that he combines with a particular interest in political subjects: “My thesis topic is about computational social choice. Vulgarly, it is the analysis by mathematical and computer methods of collective decision-making such as voting methods for example..

For fun, therefore, Theo decides to use the artificial intelligence offered by the company Open AI to develop his idea. A form of “neural networks that have read the entire internet and manage to understand the meaning of sentences, the links between words”: the appropriate way to make any word available and to determine whether it is rather identified as left or right according to all the data available online.

A site to be taken literally

After putting the site online on Tuesday from his room at his parents’ house, the student understands its potential: “In a few hours, I recorded 14,000 requests. Less than a week later, we are at more than a million.he rejoices, referring to the Wednesday when “everything exploded”: “Everyone started using it, first via social networks and then directly by searching for the site”. But Theo keeps his feet on the ground. If the site is a hit, it remains above all a means of entertainment, to be understood with a lot of second degree. “Everything can be improved and the answers can often be random. Artificial intelligence is an often fantasized tool, the site makes it possible to desacralize all that». If he has not yet realized the success of his invention, Theo takes advantage of this opportunity to feed his curiosity. “It allows me to see what people are looking for and what they think of the answers they get”. If his thesis subject is not directly linked to this site, he does not exclude exchanging with other doctoral students who are specialists in the subject either. Theo also plans to improve the artificial intelligence made available. “I think the site can continue indefinitely, I have enough to finance it and ideas to make it more efficient”.

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Left or right?: Who is the student behind the phenomenon site?

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