LoL: An algorithm would have found the future winner of the MSI!

Human predictions about the results of League of Legends competitions have taken a back seat. Already in the last international tournaments, artificial intelligence and algorithms accompanied by advanced statistics were the most effective in determining the final ranking. This tradition returns in the next MSI 2022 which will start in just a few days. The most advanced systems have been put in place, and before the first game is played, a champion has already been virtually decided.

A surprise that is not one

To predict the results, the artificial intelligence was based on the data collected during the various regional championships. She then simulated the group stages, as well as the course of each team according to the different possible scenarios. The result speaks volumes: according to the algorithm, T1 would have a 46% chance of winning this new edition of the Mid Season Invitational. Their nearest competitors barely point to a 19% chance of victory. The bottom team is the Istanbul Wildcats structure, with less than 1% chance of winning.

T1’s position comes as no real surprise, with a perfect split and convincing playoffs, Faker and his teammates are the favorites of most human observers. Nevertheless, the gap with the other so-called major regions is quite significant, with chances of victory for T1 more than twice those of their first pursuer. This result remains intriguing, because the level gap between China and South Korea does not seem that big anymore., and the results are rather equal with regard to the different official confrontations. Nevertheless, this is a raw figure, which does not specify the precise scores of each meeting. It is not impossible that in the simulations of the program, the victory of T1 on RNG is very often tight.

Mixed results for G2 Esports

The place occupied by Europeans according to the algorithm is cruelly logical. Europe would still find itself in its position as the third region of the world, failing to bridge the distance that has again been created between Asia and it in recent seasons. This last step of the podium is not a dishonoring result, but the fact does not prevent European fans from wanting to believe again that the feat is no longer one and that the LCK and LPL teams can fall under the LEC assaults on a regular basis. like in the Fnatic 2018 or G2 2019 era.

Besides, it is also not impossible that the cup will indirectly come home with the PSG Talon team. The latter is the highest ranked of the teams from the minor regions (for those who don’t follow the League of Legends competition, the Talon Esports team associated with PSG plays in the Southeast Asian championship) with a 7% chance of victory, probably taking advantage of its top 4 at MSI 2021 and their correct results at the last Worlds (eliminated during the groups, but with a score of 3-3). Their final victory is still very unlikely, but their percentage of chances is probably higher than the one we would have given spontaneously.

LoL An algorithm would have found the future winner of

Riot Games is preparing a complete client facelift, and the new feature that many players will appreciate the most will arrive at the end of games. The end of game screen will show us a lot more data and should satisfy the needs of the League of Legends community.

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LoL: An algorithm would have found the future winner of the MSI!

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