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Breeders benefit from a rich environment where complementarities between entities can be a real plus at their service. Conseil levage 25-90 has anchored in its operation the development of synergies between organizations in order to meet the expectations of breeders. Analyzing breeding data to support daily monitoring and to guide strategic choices is no longer enough. From now on, breeders have requirements that organizations must meet at the risk of no longer existing tomorrow. In order to meet the expectations of breeders, Conseil levage 25-90 has expanded but above all adapted its service offer. To explain this, administrators and collaborators met with breeders during sector meetings in March and April.
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Since January 1, the Livestock Council and the Chamber of Agriculture have come together to create Acte (Agriculture council territory livestock). Five elected representatives from each structure form the orientation committee. The idea is to bring together the skills of technicians from both structures to provide global advice to breeders (see article below). This also resulted in shared management between the two entities. “In 2021, Conseil levage chose to join the Seenergi group, the French leader in livestock advice. This membership allows us to benefit from a wider range of services around animal welfare issues in particular” explains Jean-Bernard Girard, president of CEL25-90. The valuation of additional data allowed by membership in Seenergi should follow the trend leading to less performance control and more opportunities to be seized, all in a world that moves very quickly and to which agricultural production systems cannot not always respond. Seenergi is 18,000 member farms, 1,120,000 dairy cattle in analysis in 18 departments forming a crescent from the far west to the east via the north. 2021 was also a year of near return to normal in terms of performance control activity. Thus, 1,526 breeders benefited from at least one weighing and more than 1,000 breeders are followed by advice. CEL 25-90 has around 150 employees, including 85 weighing agents and around 30 advisers.
Fodder, pasture, nutrition, milk quality, heifer rearing, reproduction and of course milk production are at the heart of the advice that technicians can provide to breeders. To respond even better to the needs of breeders, CEL 25-90 offers 6 differentiated service offers, ranging from a single annual visit which allows a quick assessment of operation to be made to a complete offer. The arrival of Genocells and monitoring services via Médria will gradually change the service offer, which will integrate these new data sources, as is already the case for farms equipped with robots…


You can find this complete article in our paper edition of April 29, 2022.

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Meet the requirements of breeders – La Terre de Chez Nous – Franche-Comté Belfort

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