Naval Group presents Blue Shark, a new frigate concept “with high eco-responsible potential” – Zone Militaire

For the 2022 edition of the Euronaval show, the French group Naval Group will not have, this time, unveiled a new concept of submarine… but that – in keeping with the times – of an “eco-responsible” combat ship. , called “Blue Shark”.

Generally, when we wage war, the preservation of the environment is the least of the concerns of the staffs [et des forces sur le terrain]the main thing being to succeed in the maneuver to take the advantage over the enemy.

That said, nothing prohibits the Defense Industrial and Technological Base [BITD] to develop equipment that consumes less energy [ce qui joue sur la logistique] and, in the specific case of shipbuilding, to offer ships that use less polluting materials, which, when it comes to dismantling them once their service life has ended, will undoubtedly make it possible to avoid mishaps such as those that we experienced with the aircraft carrier Clemenceau.

Hence Naval Group’s approach with the “Blue Shark”, described as having to be a “fast, discreet, efficient, resilient combat ship that can be integrated into a collaborative naval force, while guaranteeing a reduced environmental impact”. .

According to the explanations by the manufacturer, the idea is to take into account the impact of the ship on the environment, from its design and throughout its life cycle. And Naval Group ensures that its CO2 emissions will be at least twice lower than those of current frigates. This requires higher hydrodynamic performance, thanks in part to a design based on a main hull associated with two floats and a rear foil.

This design also reduces the acoustic signature as well as the radar cross section. [SER] of the ship, otherwise without a mast. Indeed, the use of composite materials for the superstructure allows “significant functionalization of the walls, improving the integration of the means of communication: low latency, high availability and wide bandwidth”, explains Naval Group, emphasizing that Blue Shark integrates, in total, “about twenty promising environmental technologies”, citing hybrid propulsion [autorisant une vitesse maximale de 30 noeuds]equipment with reduced energy requirements, a system for reducing nitrogen oxide particles, etc.

As for the military qualities of this “eco-responsible” ship, 160 meters long, 37 meters wide and with a displacement of 5,500 tons, Naval Group remains rather vague, except that it will be able to implement drones [aériens ou navals].

“We have incorporated into the Blue Shark the main innovations necessary for naval collaborative combat. […] Its digital architecture not only makes it possible to capitalize and share data but also to implement artificial intelligence algorithms. […] Finally, its combat equipment makes it possible to respond to the multiplicity of threats and missions that it will have to carry out and thus ensure exemplary strikes,” explained Éric Papin, director of innovation at Naval Group.

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Naval Group presents Blue Shark, a new frigate concept “with high eco-responsible potential” – Zone Militaire

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