Neobrain: “We were profitable from the first year”

Neobrain occupies the 14and place on the Best Workplaces list in the category less than 50 employees.

Already at the age of 16, Paul Courtaud had created his first company. That was in 2013. In four years, Futurness has supported nearly 30,000 young people towards jobs of the future and appropriate studies.

While it is in full development, with around fifty employees, he sold it to the L’Étudiant group in December 2017 to create Neobrain, in association with Jérémy Jaillant, “a development genius” he had recruited from Futurness.

Noting with this first company the very rapid change in professions and skills, Paul Courtaud made it the heart of Neobrain: the start-up develops HR management tools using artificial intelligence (AI). Thanks to the analysis of labor market data, it is a question of better reconciling the expectations of employees and the needs of companies.

A subsidiary in Lisbon

“We were profitable from the first year”, emphasizes Paul Courtaud. In February 2019, Guillaume Sarkozy took a 15% stake in the capital. At the time Managing Director of Malakoff Humanis, he helped the founders push the door of large groups and meet their HRD. “At 22 years, says Paul Courtaud, it was difficult for me to meet them.”

Today, with 80 clients, mostly large companies (TotalEnergies, Danone, Renault, Natixis, Johnson & Johnson, etc.), Neobrain employs experts in data analysis and processing. To attract these profiles, in 2019 it even created a subsidiary in Lisbon where many talents live, also surfing enthusiasts.

“We were thus able to recruit beautiful nuggets. Faced with large groups that offer international mobility to their employees, at our modest size, we can do the same” welcomes Paul Courtaud.

recruitment weapon

In 2022, Neobrain plans to employ 200 people and achieve a turnover of 10 million euros – against 5 million in 2021. To finance its development and the opening of an office in Germany, the company comes to close a fundraising of 20 million euros with investment funds: XAnge, Alter Equity, Crédit Mutuel Innovation, Breega. In May 2020 already, she had raised 3 million euros from the latter.

Another massive recruitment weapon, cooptation, which accounted for 40% of hires last year. Anonymous quarterly surveys revealing that “Company employees are more than 95% willing to recommend Neobrain every time,” says Florence Gounel, Director of Human Resources. The well-structured integration process allows newcomers to quickly understand the company, its values, its products and its markets and to quickly develop their skills.

Collection for Ukraine

To retain them, the company gives them access to BSPCE, equivalent to stock options, in order to associate them with the value of the company. They are also trained in English, which became the official language of Neobrain after the creation of the Lisbon subsidiary.

The company also offers the possibility to employees with three years of seniority to take six months to travel or test a project while guaranteeing them to find their job on their return.

Employees also appreciate the charity committee, which allows them to carry out actions that are close to their hearts and on which they can have an impact, such as the distribution of meals for the homeless or the collection of basic necessities for Ukraine. .

Go even further

Finally, to help employees who are young parents, the start-up has joined the Parental Challenge and they benefit from maternity and sick child leave with salary maintenance without seniority conditions.

But the company wants to go even further. “We have launched an audit to obtain B Corp certification”, says Florence Gounel, to work on aspects related to the environment and governance.

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Neobrain: “We were profitable from the first year”

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