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For two days, eight world bridge champions faced a new generation artificial intelligence developed by a young French shoot. This card game, which is based on collaboration between all participants during a game, still resisted the sagacity of AI (Artificial Intelligence) programs. This meeting has just demonstrated that a machine is now capable of competing with the collective and collaborative intelligence of human beings.

A game of bridge brings together four players who are divided into two opposing teams. Before anyone plays a card, participants take turns bidding on a “contract”. This bid tells your partner the strategy you have decided on to win a certain number of tricks.

If this information are known to all players, they remain however incomplete, unlike chess, for example, where the moves of the competitors are constantly visible. Artificial intelligence programs were, until now, quite incapable of deciphering this non-verbal communication in order to be able to win any bridge tournament.

But this week eight world champions of this card game faced a new generation artificial intelligence developed by the French start-up NukkAI.

Collaborate optimally with humans

The objective of this confrontation was not necessarily for the machine to win the victory, which it did in passing, but to test an intelligent program capable of constantly interacting with humans while explaining its choices and decisions, explains Jean-Baptiste Fantun, co-founder of the young shoot NukkAI.

It is an explainable type AI, because our approach was not to work on a digital black box, that is, we can produce recommendations for use and explanations regarding the results generated by this program . Our artificial intelligence is not intended to replace humans, but to collaborate optimally with them. And finally this AI has been designed in such a way that it consumes as little energy as possible. he says.

Then he adds:“To demonstrate the performance of the program, we chose the bridge which is the game closest to the applications of this AI in real life. Players must make decisions by trying to guess, from the actions of the opponents and his partner, how the cards are distributed. And like in a game of bridge, no one in real life makes a decision with all the data to solve a problem.»

An artificial intelligence with vocation of accompaniment

This card game was ideal for testing our program, which allows both a confrontation between adversaries and collaboration between all the participants, especially at the start of the game when each player must deliver information to his partner, but also explain it to the opposing party. A situation is very close to the reality that AIs often face to suggest the best possible decision-making without having all the data of a problem. The artificial intelligence program that we have designed will be very useful for all critical areas in which for reasons of responsibility or ethics, the human must always keep control over the decisions of the machine. The deployment of a truly collaborative AI in sensitive sectors is essential for us“, he assures.

This AI was designed for concrete applications that go far beyond the framework of bridge competitions. This program, which is able to communicate and collaborate with its biological partners, aims to support sectors such as education, industry, aviation, defence, finance and medicine. And all the activities that require decision-making carried out in a collegial and concerted way, between humans and machines.

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New technologies – An artificial intelligence bridge world champion

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