News that makes you think about the competition

The competition is fierce. Nothing is ever taken for granted and even giants have feet of clay. A few observations on some recent news.

Between Disney and Netflix, the competition is fierce

The competition between Disney and Netflix is ​​fierce. Disney now has 130 million subscribers and is proving to be a pebble in the shoe of Netflix, whose growth is at half mast and which collapsed on January 21 on the stock market (-21.8%) on the announcement of below-expected growth in the number of its subscribers. In two years, at the end of December 2021, the group increased its total subscriber base to 129.8 million, with an increase of nearly 35 million last year (+37%) and 11.7 million just in the past quarter. In 2021, Netflix only recruited 8.3 million additional subscribers. Disney+, for its part, only plans to reach financial equilibrium in 2024 and to devote an envelope of 33 billion dollars to all of its content in 2022, up 8 billion over one year, more than this. that Netflix should invest over the same period. Analysts are betting at this stage on an overall envelope of 19 billion for the Los Gatos group in 2022, after 17 billion in 2021.

ID Logistics brilliantly absorbs Kane Logistics

ID Logistics has signed a protocol for the full acquisition of the American company Kane Logistics, an American specialist in contract logistics which posted a turnover of 235 million dollars in 2021. Kane Logistics had already been taken over in 2019 by Harkness Capital Partners to accelerate its growth by becoming a key player in contract logistics for manufacturers in the consumer goods, food and beverage sectors or distribution specialists. It will rely on a network of 20 platforms in the United States. The acquisition is expected to be completed by summer 2022 and the value of the business will be $240 million.

The acquisition of the British ARM by the American Nvidia blocked by the regulators

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After almost eighteen months of negotiations, Nvidia announced on Tuesday February 8 that it would give up its mega-purchase for 66 billion dollars (58 M€) of the British technological nugget. Nvidia, the Californian giant, market leader in graphics chips, used among other things in video games, but also colossus in artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles and computer networks was facing a British company ARM which manufactures nothing but carries out the design of chips for the whole world of microprocessors. All the majors in the sector buy this technology, using its licenses. ARM technology is one of the few in Europe to be dominant as it is used in 95% of the world’s mobile phones, in the Internet of Things and in data centers.

The CNIL impartially observes the Google Analytics tool

The National Commission for Computing and Liberties (Cnil) announced Thursday, February 9 the formal notice of a website publisher using the Google Analytics tool, without giving his name, qualifying as illegal the transfer of data to United States. Seized by the Austrian privacy NGO NOYB, the Cnil considered that the conditions for transferring the data collected by this statistical tool, due to a lack of supervision, could expose French users to surveillance programs in the United States. . This website publisher has one month to comply with the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and must stop using the Google Analytics tool for unauthorized purposes. In total, the Austrian NGO has filed 101 complaints in Europe against data controllers transferring personal data, collected by Google Analytics or its Facebook Connect counterpart.

West Ham cat collars, an unusual sales hit

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Hammers-themed cat collars, a West Ham spin-off, are out of stock. The London club has put the collars for cats on sale, at 5 pounds sterling each, on the official space of the Hammers, alongside bowls, or blankets for dogs. They are, unbelievably, out of stock. Even on the site of the American giant Amazon, the product is currently unavailable. This operation was carried out to respond to the controversy launched by the French defender, Kurt Zouma, who was filmed mistreating his cat. a heavy fine of up to 300,000 euros. This fine will be paid to an animal rights organization. The player was also let go by his equipment supplier Adidas.

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News that makes you think about the competition

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