Olivier Audouin (Systematic): “Events like IdéO are structuring in the IoT ecosystem”

The Systematic Paris-Région competitiveness cluster is organizing its event dedicated to the IoT on the theme of connected health. Olivier Audouin, president of the Hub Digital Infrastructure & IoT, explains the reasons.

Olivier Audouin, President of the Digital Infrastructure & IoT Hub within the Systematic Paris-Region competitiveness cluster. © Systematic

JDN. On October 20, you are organizing the 4e edition of your IdéO event on the topic of connected health. What prompted you to want to explore this theme in greater depth?

Olivier Audoin. Health is a theme that remains at the heart of the news, not only about the patient care pathway, but also about the development of the medicine of the future or even home support. The IoT can bring significant gains on these topics. There is also the example of experiences in the operating room with the IoT and the augmented reality taking advantage of the performance of 5G, but also of connected ambulances, the objective of which is to send data relating to the care of the patient to the hospital in order to anticipate the most appropriate treatment. We will talk in particular on October 20, during a round table, about the needs in treatment and communication for the diagnosis. Health consumes a lot of image processing, it is important to plan the digital infrastructure and the artificial intelligence solutions involved.

What do you expect from this edition?

The objective of Systematic Paris-Region competitiveness cluster is to bring together, in each of its hubs, different communities to understand the needs in a field by discussing developments and how technologies can be useful. Events like IdéO are structuring in the ecosystem because we want to bring together, in a moment of exchange, both research laboratories and industrialists, specialists in embedded systems and end users. Our goal is to make IdéO a useful tool. Among our 900 members, we have more than 270 registered with the Hub Digital Infrastructure & IoT, including a hundred specialized in the sector. We hope to bring together a large majority of them on October 20, i.e. a good sixty, to promote meeting opportunities. (the event is free for members and 59 euros for other participants, editor’s note). In previous editions, we discussed mobility, industry 4.0 and sustainable development. This time, we hope to highlight security issues.

What is Systematic’s strategy in the IoT?

We consider that the IoT has great potential and the players in France are well equipped to address the challenges. Systematic is there to help the ecosystem and create a collaborative dynamic by covering the technological and application aspects. IdéO is part of this strategy, which we plan to reinforce next year. We are working on the strategic definition of the new development phases of the cluster which will take place from 2023, the roadmaps are being considered. We will look at the energy issues of connected objects, linked to their consumption and their environmental impact. A theme that requires an end-to-end vision. In our roadmap, we also have the continuum between cloud and embedded systems in edge computing. We are also studying the impacts of 6G, which we must now anticipate.

Olivier Audouin is president of the Digital Infrastructure & IoT division of the Systematic Paris-Région division. Within Nokia Networks France he holds the position of director of research partnerships, in charge of collaborative research and academic and industrial partnerships. Prior to this position, he conducted research activities in the field of optical transmission and network architectures and protocols.

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Olivier Audouin (Systematic): “Events like IdéO are structuring in the IoT ecosystem”

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