“Orange Business Services: unique positioning as a digital service company in the Greater South West”

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Orange Business Services: three words to designate a concentration of know-how and expertise developed over the years by Orange in the digital field. Digitization is indeed disrupting the ecosystem of companies and communities. The challenges evolve and so do the skills to be mastered. The proliferation of connected objects, the analysis of collected data and artificial intelligence are bringing greater efficiency to value chains. A sector of innovation that requires constant updating of skills to create a positive impact, according to Nicolas Brochot, Orange Business Services regional coordinator.

How to define what is a digital services company (ESN)?

Digital service companies are experts in IT and new technologies. Their mission is tosupport businesses and communities in the great digital shift. Indeed, our customers need to transform very quickly in a digital world that is evolving towards the cloud, software, with increasingly fragmented technological chains, complex to master from start to finish. Luser experience is greatly impacted by digital, the investments associated with this transformation must also remain under control.

Orange Business Services becomes an ESN. In what form and with what ambitions?

We are a digital player with a unique positioning for 3 reasons. All dfirst, we havecombined know-howoperator and ddigital services integrator: our history means that we have mastered voice, data and mobile telecom networks, combined with a strong increase in power over the past 10 years in the cloud, cybersecurity, digital, data and communication.Artificial Intelligence (AI). Then, our know-how is based on expertise: 10,000 cloud, cybersecurity, data, internet of things experts, which makes us the 3rd largest ESN in France. Our turnover on the cloud and data reaches 1 billion euros, with the same projection on cybersecurity in 2023. We pay particular attention to the South-West region with 1,750 employees and more than 600 digital experts present in the territory.

How, as an ESN, does Orange Business Services support its customers?

We support them in this transition in order to help them access the tools, master their uses, or even develop skills. We have, for example, provided an international group withaeronautics,space and defense, an innovative solution for geolocating 25,000 tools, in a 55,000 m² factory, with intelligent monitoring and a visualization interface. Ldigital innovation aims to establish a balance between the contributions ofArtificial Intelligence and the human aspect to ultimately increase efficiency. For this, it is essential that theESN has a good understanding of the client’s profession.

What types of solutions do you offer?

We provide our customers with solutions around 5 major cross-cutting issues: setting up their digital workspace, improving their customer experience, facilitatingrise of theindustry 4.0, collect and process data, and transform and secure their network infrastructure. VSis becauseOrange Business Services masters all the stages of the digital transformation that we offer our customers the most relevant solutions. And for everyone: we support both large groups and small businesses, such as this communication agency that we guided in the choice and implementation in several regions of its CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution, in a short deadline and respecting the criteria of cost and quality.

What goal are you pursuing?

At Orange Business Services, our vision is to help companies and communities become players in an increasingly interconnected environment by putting the power of data at the service of innovation andhuman. We put the challenges of our clients at the center of our activity. Our expertise as well as theour entire ecosystem are at their service. Together, we create innovative tailor-made solutions, which allow them to keep aadvance. A dynamic driven by numerous recruitments, particularly in the South-West.

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“Orange Business Services: unique positioning as a digital service company in the Greater South West”

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