Orange Business Services wants to continue to ramp up in IT services

Aliette Mousnier-Lompre, CEO of OBS Orange

On the occasion of the Orange Business Summit, Aliette Mousnier-Lompre, the CEO of OBS, gives an update on the strategic orientations of the division.

We are at a pivotal moment in the history of OBS“, underlines Aliette Mousnier-Lompre, the general manager of OBS who highlights ” the unique profile»of the activity. Orange Business Services is both an IT integrator and an operator: 57% of its turnover comes from telecoms and 43% from IT services. However, it is the latter that are growing the fastest, with an annual increase of 10%. “OBS wants to position itself as a leading global player to support the digitization of businesses, while generating a positive economic, societal and environmental impact.adds Aliette Mousnier-Lompre.

The profitability of OBS is weakened by a combination of economic factors – the rise in the cost of energy, inflation on the markets, the war in Ukraine, the shortage of components which is delaying many projects. And a structural evolution of the market and uses, with a major underlying technological transformation, while the golden age of business telephony is a thing of the past. “Landlines have disappeared from offices, replaced by appssums up Aliette Mousnier-Lompre.

The boss of OBS has listed five priorities in her activities. Support for the transformation of its customers’ digital infrastructures, with an important Cloud and Cyber ​​component. The partnership concluded with Netskope is part of this logic. The second point concerns data and artificial intelligence, after the acquisition of Business and Decisions last year. Then come the new methods of collaboration in the company, the transformation of customer experiences and contact centers and finally industry 4.0 with a very clear rise in power of OBS in the fields of the Internet of Things, digital twins and the supervision of machines by artificial intelligence.

Historical activities in decline

With its range of services, OBS is positioned between two major families of competitors: on the one hand the major international telecom operators, such as BT, AT&T or Verizon and on the other hand, the integrators (or digital service companies, ESN), such as CapGemini and KPMG. For OBS, it is a question of gaining momentum in the value chain to escape the commoditization of telecom networks. This involves adding services to the network. The covid crisis has accelerated the transformation of companies, made telework a priority, with the challenges of information system security for companies and administrations. All sectors are concerned, industry with robotization, automation, agriculture with the construction of secure data platforms to optimize yields, health for the management of health data, up to a partnership with Veolia , to help customers optimize their water consumption.

OBS is focusing on very strong growth activities: the cloud, which has gained 15% in one year, cybersecurity (+13%) and data management (+8%). “The Cloud and data generate one billion euros in turnover and Cybersecurity will reach this threshold in 2023“, adds Aliette Mousnier-Lompre, affirming her objective of”create a new kind of digital player on the business market by taking into account business issues but also regulatory, environmental and ethical issues“. Orange Cyber ​​Défense, whose IPO had been considered, is “one of the nuggets of the group“. “We are in a logic of development and consolidation of skills, derationalization of operational processes. It is very clear to everyone that Cybersecurity must be integrated into all our offers: to the cloud, to factory automation…“Adds the boss of OBS.

The shift made by OBS involves a transformation of its operational model which is currently under discussion with the social partners within Orange. OBS will no longer be organized by product family, but by geographical area. A small revolution for management, which is accompanied by a training policy to adapt teams to the professions of the future.

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Orange Business Services wants to continue to ramp up in IT services

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