OSCAR continues its momentum on the yachting market with the Outremer shipyard » PACA’s economic and political letter

What yachtsman has never dreamed of being assisted by an efficient watch crew 24 hours a day?

With its artificial intelligence solution called OSCAR, the BSB company is revolutionizing the yachting market to navigate with complete peace of mind day and night. The Outremer catamaran shipyard believes in this innovation and now offers it to its customers eager for long voyages and navigations around the globe.

These two visionary companies are moving the lines of yachting, to offer ever more comfort and safety to their customers.

The OSCAR system is an innovative tool for detecting unidentified floating objects. Thanks to its thermal and visual cameras and its artificial intelligence capable of seeing, analyzing and alerting the crew to avoid possible danger on the surface, this technology is essential for any navigator looking for of peace of mind.

OSCAR is equivalent to the third eye on board, the one that sees 360° without pause or fatigue, and detects floating objects with precision even at night. This hazard detection tool sees better than a human eye and allows automatic alerts to be sent to avoid dangerous situations directly on the screens on board (multifunction screen, tablet, smartphone and/or computer).

Since the launch of the system in 2018, OSCAR has been tested on the Vendée Globe by renowned sailors to collect data in extreme conditions before specific development for cruising. Each OSCAR detection system in the four corners of the world now feeds the databases to continuously optimize the analysis and relevance of this concentrate of technology.

The Outremer shipyard quickly identified the interest of such a system for their customers attracted by blue water cruising. The owners of these reference catamarans built in La Grande Motte have in common a passion for travel and long crossings. Thanks to this increased safety tool, serene sailing takes over: make way for crossings where cruising rhymes with pleasure!

the OSCAR system is visible during International Multihull Show at La Grande Motte.

Come and meet the OSCAR teams from April 20 to 24, 2022 at La Grande Motte:

Down :

  • Design and innovation center
  • Pouch Stand: H38
  • Robin Marine Booth: H44

Afloat :

  • Outremer 51 equipped with OSCAR

They said :

Raphael Biancalefounder of the BSB Group, inventor of the OSCAR system :

The whole team is very proud to be able to rely on renowned shipyards such as Outremer for the deployment of its OSCAR systems. Enabling boaters to fully enjoy their boat in complete safety is our priority. Thanks to the Outremer shipyard for their trust, we are happy to contribute to the progress of boating alongside them. »

Xavier Desmarest, CEO of Outremer – Grand Large Yachting :

“Our mission is to allow everyone, experienced sailor or not, to realize their dream of a small or large sailing trip while respecting the oceans and providing them with safety, serenity and support at each stage of the project. Safety is at the heart of our concerns. This is why we are looking for innovations and systems to meet our safety requirements on board catamarans. Limiting the risk of collision with an UFO contributes considerably to the tranquility and safety of crews. »

Maxime B., owner of an Outremer 5X equipped with OSCAR:

“It was during the last Vendée Globe that we heard about this new radar, OSCAR, which equips many boats in the race and which makes it possible to signal obstacles that can be encountered in navigation: other boats, buoys, animals sailors, container.

OSCAR immediately seems to us to be an incredibly useful technology for us since we are going to embark on a trip around the world for 3 years as a couple with a 9-year-old child on an Outremer 5X Catamaran. We then commanded OSCAR, which was soon to become our 3rd crew member, substantially improving our safety and our comfort on board. Since we have been sailing, we have had two serious alerts thanks to this system, thus avoiding a probable collision.

We are very happy with this system which is really useful and we absolutely do not regret this investment. »

About BSB

The BSB group is a pioneer in the field of artificial vision for marine applications. It employs 45 people in Austria, France, Portugal and the United States. Its OSCAR product range combines optical and thermal sensors with artificial intelligence for more comfort and safety at sea. OSCAR systems detect, identify and alert the crew in real time of any floating objects near the vessel. OSCAR comes in a wide range of versions for yachts, commercial vessels and search and rescue vessels.

Website : www.oscar-navigation.com

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OSCAR continues its momentum on the yachting market with the Outremer shipyard » PACA’s economic and political letter

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