Protect by Mailinblack: innovation at the service of mailbox security

During your professional exchanges, you have certainly received an authentication request. For your email to be delivered to your new sender, you have been asked to copy the colored word that appears on the screen. This captcha sender verification system is unique in the cybersecurity market.

14,000 client organizations in France

The most adopted mailbox protection solution in France, it secures the messaging of more than 14,000 companies, public administration and health establishments in France and processes more than 5 billion emails per year.

Designed by researchers and doctors in artificial intelligence, Protect uses complex technologies, at the cutting edge of innovation, while remaining very easy to use. Self-learning, the solution is continuously improving thanks to a powerful deep learning model. Much more than a “simple” anti-spam, Protect blocks all threats to professional mailboxes.

Neutralize dangerous emails

Protect’s antivirus technologies first neutralize dangerous incoming emails such as phishing, malware or ransomware before they reach the mailboxes. They block cyberattacks through attachment scanning and heuristic analysis and compare threats against databases of mailinblack and its partners.

Anti-spam filters take over by discarding unwanted emails. To do this, they rely on an analysis of the sender’s domain name and reputation and a classification of emails by Mailinblack’s artificial intelligence. From their personal interface, employees have access to blocked emails so as not to miss an important message.

Remove malicious links

After the anti-spam filters, the anti-phishing filters come into action to check if the identity of your collaborators has not been usurped. They carry out an analysis of the origin, authenticity and content of the e-mail.

This is where the captcha authentication request comes in. Finally, after receiving the email, Protect’s IA Secure Link module carries out a semantic and morphological analysis of the links and the content of the pages to which they refer, to rule out any malicious links.

Artificial intelligence at the service of cybersecurity

“Traditional technologies based on heuristics and blacklisting can stop most spam and other basic attacks, but these quickly reach their limits when it comes to detecting new threats.explains Antony Spera, technical director of Mailinblack. Artificial intelligence makes it possible to anticipate new forms of attacks and block them from the first email, without human intervention. »

Since 2019, Mailinblack, a French publisher specializing in cybersecurity, has been developing various filtering technologies based on AI. “Our Data team designs machine learning and deep learning models trained on tens or even hundreds of millions of emails, links and web pages.continues Antony Spera. These models are then integrated into our filtering engines to analyze and catch malicious emails that would not have been detected by traditional techniques. Our AIs also analyze links and web pages through our Secure Link technology to detect phishing links at the time of the click. »

3 months free subscription

If Protect by Mailinblack uses complex technologies, its use remains very simple. Turnkey solution, it does not require any configuration on installation. Between creating an account and getting to grips with the interface, activation only takes an hour. Note that Protect is compatible with any type of messaging or hosting provider (Microsoft, Google, OVHcloud, etc.).

Subsequently, the administrator interface makes it very easy to control email flows, manage security settings and user rights. Mailinblack also offers unlimited technical support accessible by phone, email or chat. And if you test Protect ? Until September 30, you can benefit from 3 months free subscription.

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Protect by Mailinblack: innovation at the service of mailbox security

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