Renault markets the massive data collection solution for its factories

The Renault group and the IT services company Atos are launching a service to collect large-scale manufacturing data. This service stems from a solution developed by Renault for its own factories and which has enabled it to achieve an impressive reduction in costs.

A solution installed in 22 factories of the Renault group

Today, this solution is deployed on a large scale in 22 factories of the Renault group. 7,500 pieces of equipment are connected, with standardized data models representing 50 different manufacturing processes, from screwing to aluminum injection, car chassis welding, machining, painting, stamping, etc. as new manufacturing processes for electric motors and batteries.

Renault is aiming for 200 million euros in savings per year thanks to this solution

The Renault group announces that it has saved 80 million euros per year, and intends to deploy this solution in the remaining 35 factories, connecting more than 22,000 pieces of equipment in 2023 in order to achieve savings of 200 million euros per year. Renault and Atos develop and market the technological solution to collect and analyze large-scale manufacturing data.

The service is called ID@scale (Industrial Data @ Scale) and aims to support manufacturing companies in their digital journey towards Industry 4.0. “ID@S” aims to enable manufacturers to collect and structure data from their industrial equipment on a large scale to improve their operations and product quality.

An industrialized, modularized solution marketed by Atos

This service was developed by Renault and is already operational in its factories. ID@scale is now industrialized, modularized and marketed by Atos. Manufacturers generate a tremendous amount of data. In most cases, this data is underused at the Renault tip. The reason for this underutilization? These data are very diverse and lack standardization and operators lack time.

Manufacturers could collect data from a wide range of equipment

By deploying ID@S, manufacturers could collect data from a wide range of equipment of various manufactures (suppliers, generations, global location, firmware updates, etc.) in a standardized and efficient way, then contextualized and made available in the cloud. This data can help correct and improve production processes and product quality.

Renault promises easy access to standardized data via easy-to-use analysis tools and dashboards. This should facilitate and accelerate the deployment of many use cases (production, maintenance, quality and energy, etc.). The Renault group’s IT, digital and engineering teams have developed this solution to capture data from its factories. For each type of manufacturing process, data is collected and structured in a standardized way, allowing to address a variety of use cases in the fields of manufacturing, engineering, quality, CSR, logistics, etc

A service that uses a peripheral Cloud on Bull servers

Renault’s offer is based on a peripheral cloud service, Edge to Cloud, delivered by Atos. This allows the real-time analysis of large volumes of complex industrial data while optimizing the use of artificial intelligence models. For this, the service uses Bull Sequana Edge servers. The service, which is intended to evolve, adapts to all types of environments, whatever the sector of activity, and is deployed “as a service” all over the world. Finally, the partnership relies on the consulting and services teams to market, deploy and support this solution worldwide, in order to achieve deployment in a few weeks.

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Renault markets the massive data collection solution for its factories

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