SafeBear: “€2 per month to put an end to cyber-harassment”

SafeBear founder Jérémy Guillon spoke with lemon squeezer to talk about its application, based on the protection of Internet users. Social networks, online games, SafeBear wants to put an end to toxicity and cyber-harassment. The project has been in development for several months. An alpha version has just been released. Its results would be very encouraging.

Lemon Squeezer: Can you introduce us to SafeBear?

Jeremy Guillon : SafeBear is the first global application that will protect, defend and secure social networks and video game platforms. Our goal is to work on the first dual-brain artificial intelligence. It is already giving us results that are extremely convincing today on our alpha version. Our goal is to ensure that tomorrow, an influencer or an influencer, a streamer or a streamer and any Internet user, can carry out their online activity as well without having the fear of being exposed to insults. or malicious remarks.

Lemon Squeezer: Will the SafeBear app allow for legal action? For threats, defamation on social networks or repeated insults?

Jeremy Guillon : Today, we realize that in terms of justice, they are outdated. There are a lot of complaints on the Internet. The troll, there are everywhere. The haters too. What we have to understand is that we are not there to restrict people. Often, what is equated to self-restraint or whatever is around it is often seen by people as a restriction on free speech.

With SafeBear, the person will not see toxic messages and insults. They will be sorted by our algorithm and our artificial intelligences. But the message still exists and it is certified and is found in a part of the application that I cannot detail since it is one of our technological plans. But the user still has access to it, and can use it in court.

The primary goal of SafeBear in relation to its legal actions is to be able to certify and guarantee our data in relation to a public body. Because today, certification is no longer enough. We have to go through different jurisdictions to certify the data. In this way, it cannot be said that the evidence is not tangible.

We’re not just going to hide hate messages. The goal is to tell people, that it doesn’t matter if you have haters, because those who are going to be problematic, you will be able to use everything that says against you, even if the messages are deleted, since we have a copy of the message and the name of the account. We remember a basic rule of the Internet, everything you say on the Internet, will never be erased.

Lemon squeezer: SafeBear, is it a bit of a promise to finally be able to punish the perpetrators of harassment, without harming anonymity on the Internet?

Jeremy Guillon : Today, everyone is afraid of anonymity on the Internet. Everyone is afraid that one day, on social networks, we will have to put our real name, our real first name, our identity card. We thought that was the only solution.

Today, we know that the average age of a cyber-stalker is 15 years old. In many cases, an Internet stalker is someone who gets stalked in real life. He needs to pour out his hate ’cause he thinks to himself “Why do I suffer it and not the others?”. These people, even if they take a lambda VPN, they will necessarily be able to say to themselves “I am invisible, no one can find me”. But the CNIL has all your information. If they want to know who you are, they will know who you are. Anonymity does not really exist.

Lemon squeezer: Which partners do you work with? On which platforms will SafeBear be accessible?

Jeremy Guillon : The application will be functional on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. We also got the green light from Telegram. Discord, and video game platforms like Steam, Uplay, GOG, Origin are in negotiation.

We are also developing a bot for the various videos broadcast live on the platforms, whether Instagram, Twitch, etc. A way to lend a hand to moderators. The goal is to have a complete package and that we can even, by going much further, integrate it on consoles.

Lemon Squeezer: What stage of development are you at? What are your goals in the coming months?

Jeremy Guillon : We managed to develop an alpha that works on Discord and will soon be ported to Telegram. We are thinking of a way to accelerate development. This is why we are fundraising, because we need to invest 24/7 in the application for four to five months. Afterwards, we plan to release a testable beta for different users.

People can come and register as a beta tester on our site. We will select profiles, both known people and unknown people, to test our tool according to audience levels. We are working on future features. We don’t just want to process written messages. We also want to invest in image, video and voice.

We are thinking about all the possible uses of SafeBear which will not stop at video games and social networks. Marketplaces, dating sites, etc… we will also be able to solve a huge problem and that’s what’s interesting.

Lemon squeezer: What are your needs to continue the SafeBear project?

Jeremy Guillon : The priority is fundraising which has been launched since the beginning of September. If people are interested in supporting the project, even if they want to invest privately, they can.

Lemon squeezer: And then, profitability? What is your business model?

Jeremy Guillon : We will be remunerated by a subscription system. It’s simple, you have two formulas. A first at €2 per month and a second at €7 per month. That’s less than €100 a year, €84 precisely if you take the premium plan with data certification and full protection.

And at €2 per month, that’s €24 per year to allow you to hide everything. The difference is that we cannot certify the data. We will also have professional offers that will be available for content creators with strong communities to provide them with even more support.

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SafeBear: “€2 per month to put an end to cyber-harassment”

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