Start-ups: Proven Skincare extends its personalized care to the eye contour area

Since its launch, Proven Skincare has experienced impressive growth. The company’s sales have grown from less than US$100,000 in 2019 to US$10 million in 2020 and over US$20 million in 2021.

Skin Genome Project

Co-founded by Ming Zhaothen a strategy consultant, and by Amy Yuanengineer and data scientist, Proven Skincare used a three-minute quiz to create an individual profile based taking into account more than 45 parameters, whether it’s the client’s cosmetic goals, where they live, their genetics, their lifestyle, etc. The promise of this data processing is a combination of ingredients tailored to the specific needs of the client, initially delivered in a range of three products: a daytime moisturizer, a facial cleanser and a night cream.

To establish these individualized profiles, the algorithm created by Origin interrogates the “Skin Genome Project”, an in-house database of over 28 million consumer reviews and over 4,000 research articles related to skincare. This is, according to the creators of the brand, the largest beauty database in the world.

Two new eye contour treatments

The same technology was used for the two new products offered by Proven Skincare : a personalized day cream and night cream dedicated to the eye contour.

The creation of the duo comes after Origin asked his community about their skin care needs:

70% of respondents worry about wrinkles on their face.

- 43% of them are worried about wrinkles around the eyes and crow’s feet.

- 58% are concerned about dark circles.

- 82% are at least somewhat concerned about dark circles under their eyes.

Like all products from Originboth formulations are tailor-made to work with an individual’s specific skin, in harmony with their unique lifestyle and environmental factors.

We considered the smallest details such as stress levels, hours slept, local pollution levels and water hardness to create a unique solution that brightens users’ eyes and fights signs of aging like crow’s feet or dark circles », explains Ming S. Zhao, co-founder and CEO of Origin.

As for the initial range of Origin, customers have the option of taking out a subscription, then having them delivered regularly, or purchasing the products as and when they need them. The Duo subscription price is US$129.99 while against a non-subscription purchase price of $179.99.

In October 2021, Proven Skincare threw a fundraising of 60 million dollars. The company then said it aims to use this capital to invest more in AI innovation, to expand its marketing efforts domestically and globally, and to invest in research and development of new products. .

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Start-ups: Proven Skincare extends its personalized care to the eye contour area

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