Telex: Ile de Groix connected to FTTH fiber, Microsoft will remove Azure Video Analyzer, Lot of French IT terms, Firefox 100 – Computerworld

– The Ile de Groix connected to the FTTH fiber. Located in Brittany, the Ile de Groix will now be connected to fiber optics from May 5, 2022 with commissioning planned by the end of May. The particularity of this connectivity is to have been made via a 7.5 km long hybrid submarine cable weighing 220 tonnes, which took 10 months to manufacture. The latter contains 3 copper cables for the distribution of the current as well as 48 optical fibers. This operation to renew the old cable, which is purely electric, required an investment of €4.5 million, of which 87.5% by Enedis and 12.5% ​​by Orange.

– Microsoft will remove Azure Video Analyzer. The firm has announced that its artificial intelligence service for quickly creating video analytics solutions will be terminated on November 30. Announced less than a year ago at the company’s Build 2021 event, the service will no longer work from December 2 for users with an account. The advice given by the firm is to switch to Dynamics Connected Spaces or an open-source solution. Azure video analyzer (AVA) allowed live video to be captured, which could then be analyzed and the results published to an edge or cloud application. The reason why Microsoft is stopping this service has not been specified. Note that Azure Video Analyzer for Media is not affected by this withdrawal. It is now renamed Azure Video Indexer.

– Batch of Frenchified IT terms. the Data crunching” becomes the data crushing”. On the Ministry of Culture website, it is recalled that it is “an automated processing of raw metadata which consists of formatting them to allow their analysis using data science methods”. The Official Journal has just delivered a new batch of IT terms translated from English into French. For “killer app”, designating an innovative computer application whose popularity is immediate with users, it is proposed “flagship application”. To replace “defacement” which qualifies computer hacking that distorts the appearance or content of a website, we will say “disfigurement”. The “rootkit”, this malicious software which allows an unauthorized user to take control of a computer without being detected, becomes “right-passing software”. “Web harvesting” or “web scraping”, the practice of extracting data from a site in an automated way, is logically translated as “data harvesting”. Finally, among the other transpositions, the term “datavisualisation” unsurprisingly turns into “data visualization”.

– Firefox 100 delivered. The web browser is 17 years old. This version now supports displaying subtitles on YouTube, Prime Video and Netflix videos watched in Picture-in-Picture mode. This last function also displays captions on websites using the WebVTT (web video text track) format, such as Among other developments, the Mac version supports HDR video on YouTube and hardware-accelerated AV1 video decoding is enabled on Windows with supported GPUs (Intel Gen 11+, AMD RDNA 2 Excluding Navi 24, GeForce 30).

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Telex: Ile de Groix connected to FTTH fiber, Microsoft will remove Azure Video Analyzer, Lot of French IT terms, Firefox 100 – Computerworld

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