Tesla: the beta of autonomous driving is a hit with more than 160,000 users

During Tesla AI Day, the manufacturer presented several innovations such as the prototype of its Optimus robot. The American brand also took advantage of the event to unveil some figures relating to Autopilot and FSD, its fully autonomous driving technology.

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As you may know, Tesla held its new Tesla AI Day conference this Friday, September 30, 2022. This event focuses on the advances made by the manufacturer’s teams in the field of artificial intelligence.

In 2021, the big boss Elon Musk presented the Dojo supercomputer, which displays an exceptional power of 1 exaFLOP. This super computer should be used in particular for the development of the artificial intelligence used in Tesla’s autonomous driving systems, such as Autopilot and FSD (Full Self Driving).

This year, the star of the show was Optimus, a futuristic humanoid robot powered by artificial intelligence and capable of understanding complex voice commands. Elon Musk clarified during the presentation that Optimus could locate itself in space thanks to the same technology used in the FSD.

Tesla self-driving has 160,000 users

And precisely, Tesla also had some announcements to make regarding its fully autonomous driving software. First, the brand proudly announced that 160,000 customers were now using the FSD, compared to only 2,000 last year.

In total, Full Self Driving received no less than 35 updates since the start of the beta period. According to Elon Musk, the technology would be ready for deployment worldwide by the end of 2022. Afterwards, this statement should be taken with a grain of salt, the billionaire having the annoying habit of drawing on the comet.

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Afterwards, Paril Jain, technical lead for Autopilot, highlighted the improvements made to the FSD in specific situations. Example: when a Tesla makes a left turn in an intersection, it can now adopt a trajectory that avoids obstacles like a pedestrian who decides to cross.

To refine and improve behavior and decision-making, the FSD relies on models shaped by the data transmitted by all the Teslas in circulation. According to Phil Duan, head of engineering at Tesla, the brand is now ready to build and process detailed 3D structures using this data.

In fact, models can now propose various situations for the same location (wet road, in the rain, at night, fog, etc.). As a reminder, Tesla was accused of lying about the performance of Autopilot and FSD in September 2022. German customers have filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer, for misrepresenting the real capabilities of its autonomous driving technologies .

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Tesla: the beta of autonomous driving is a hit with more than 160,000 users

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