The OFFERS division of the FHF supports digital investments

Could you tell us more about the OFFERS division?
Cecile Chevance: Born from the merger of the Finances-FHF Data and Care offer poles, the OFFRES pole is distinguished by its widened field of action, as its name indicates: OFFRES is indeed an acronym meaning Care offer, Finances , FHF Data, Research, E-Health. With a little less than ten employees, our team deals with all these topics and in particular the PMSI data of health establishments and the financial data of public establishments. Statistician, database technician, management controller… The profiles within our team are therefore varied and fully meet the needs of the FHF and its various divisions.

The OFFERS division participates in particular in the follow-up of the Ségur de la santé. What are your missions here?
Cecile Chevance: Regarding the investment component of Ségur, we follow several aspects related to real estate, the purchase of medical and hotel equipment or the digital equipment of health establishments, whether material or immaterial: software, digital services, technologies of artificial intelligence, data warehouses… Our missions are not, here, only turned towards the follow-up of the envelopes allocated by the public authorities, but concern more generally all that concerns the organization and the structuring of the offer care, from the evolution of care methods to the energy and environmental impact. The subjects linked to the investments resulting from Ségur are vast and technical, but also linked to the improvement of the patient journey, the ergonomics of business tools and the working conditions of hospital staff. Dealing with them therefore requires both transversal and local support. This is why we are in constant contact with the health actors in the field, in particular those responsible for welcoming and caring for users.

What about Ségur Numérique?
Kathia Barro: In connection with the Ministry of Solidarity and Health and the Digital Health Agency, we are, of course, involved in this particular component, from its design to supporting establishments in its implementation. We work here directly with healthcare establishments and their partners to determine what the objectives, uses, expectations, etc. will be.

Cecile Chevance: For the Ségur Numérique as for the other national programs, we are therefore in close contact with the health establishments, the resource persons and the networks of professionals who are members of the FHF, which allows us to raise concerns, questions, wishes and requests. We are also trying to reach a certain consensus, but this is not always easy given the disparity of situations on the ground and the current crisis. That said, hospital professionals know what is concretely possible, desirable and relevant to do, especially in times of health crisis when hospitals have many other priorities.

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The OFFERS division of the FHF supports digital investments

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