“There is first of all a desire to teach artificial intelligence”- J.Savinien (emlyon)

Why did you create this dual hybrid degree combining Engineering Sciences and Management Sciences?

There are several rThere is first of all a desire to teach artificialanswers to this. First of all, a desire to teach artificial intelligence (AI) other than in the landscape of the Grandes Ecoles in France. We also wanted to respond to a real market need to train profiles who are both competent in terms of knowledge of the trade and at the technical level. At the emlyor our objective is to offer excellent training in AI to students who can use it for good causes such as: working in NGOs, in the humanitarian sector or even putting AI at the service of man. We are doing hybrid training to combine both business challenges and the understanding of AI systems with the mastery of these systems. These two problems are linked to the third, which is the replacement of men by machines. In addition, in France, but also in developed countries, training in artificial intelligence is done in a theoretical way. We therefore wish to offer operational training. We are convinced that we have a lot to gain by training them from the start without recruiting them with a level of maths such as it is in certain large schools. We are unique in the landscape of business schools at emlyon bs because we have a team of industry professionals.

How does the admission to this training take place?

The process is mostly online on school platforms. Registrations will open at the end of October. Candidates submit their files with their transcripts from high school or the diploma obtained and the assessments of the teachers. What is important for us is to have the rankings in science subjects. We also ask for a CV and a cover letter. Then there are online tests of three kinds: a cognitive test which is a bit like an IQ test with logic tests, a math MCQ which is geared towards speed, and an asynchronous interview with motivational questions. , of interest for the field to which the students respond in writing and by video. Along with that we have a file note, cognitive tests, math tests (which is the most important) and interviews. The admissions process is done in English, as is the program. The interview in English allows us to have an idea of ​​the level of the students. However, the math test can be taken in English or French. For the interviews we will evaluate them on qualitative criteria by trying to understand their personality.

What is the content of this training?

The three pillars of the training are data science with maths and computer science, management sciences and CSR. Students will also have introductory research courses, projects etc. As this is a course supported by emlyon bs and the École Centrale de Lyon, the scientific training is very substantial. Students will obtain a bachelor’s degree in computer science and CPGE in maths at the end of the two years. In terms of management science training, all the fundamentals of business with marketing, strategy and corporate finance that will be taught. There are also courses in culture, AI culture, digital culture, etc. All technical courses and business courses integrate the CSR dimension.

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“There is first of all a desire to teach artificial intelligence”- J.Savinien (emlyon)

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