This map shows the biggest polluters around you

News JVTech This map shows the biggest polluters around you

Presented a few days ago during the last Cop27 in Egypt by former American vice-president Al Gore, the Climate Trace tool makes it possible to track the most polluting sites on the planet, including in France.

More than 72,000 polluting sites listed around the world

It was undoubtedly one of the highlights of this last Cop27, on November 9 when Al Gore, the former American vice-president under Bill Clinton, and incidentally climate activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2007 alongside the IPCC for their commitment to the fight against climate change, took the floor to present
the Climate TRACE tool.

This tool, accessible to all in a completely free and transparent way, makes it possible to follow, within a few days, the famous greenhouse gas emissions.

Concretely, the Climate TRACE continuously assesses, thanks to satellite data and a good dose of artificial intelligence, more than 72,000 sites around the world, from China to the United States via India, Russia, South Africa, Brazil and France. No one is spared and on the Climate Trace site, you can follow the situation around your home or anywhere in the world with just a few days/weeks of delay.

The various polluting sites are classified by color filter and without surprise, we see that the vast majority of the 72,000 most polluting sites are located in eastern Asia, in China, but also in India, the United States, Russia and central Europe.

This map shows the biggest polluters around you

If Al Gore is the voice and face of Climate Trace, it was originally funded by a donation from… Google and which brings together many private companies, research laboratories, NGOs, etc… The data comes from a network of more than 300 satellites belonging to NASA, the European space agency or the Chinese Gaofen program, but also from a network of more than 11,000 sensors, coupled with countless bases. of data.

Officially launched on November 9, following its presentation, the Climate TRACE site had been in development for just over a year and had been announced at COP26 in Glasgow. Initially the data should be updated monthly, then weekly.

Unsurprisingly, we discover that the 14 most polluting sites on the planet are all gas or oil extraction sites, headlined by the Permian Basin in Texas, the world’s number one in pollution.

In the top 5 polluters, we find :

  • 5- South Pars in Iran (118 million tons)
  • 4- Bovanenkovskoye in Russia (122 million tons)
  • 3- Marcellus in the United States (124 million tons)
  • 2- Urengoyskoye in Russia (152 million tons)
  • 1- Permian TX in the United States (208 million tons)
This map shows the biggest polluters around you

In France in the first two places, we find this time the steelmaking sites of the ArcelorMittal group, the first in Dunkirk (9.78 million tons) and the second in Fos-sur-Mer (6.23 million tons), the French “podium” is completed by Charles de Gaulle airport (6.05 million tonnes) and in 4th place the city of Paris, quite simply.

And Al Gore concludes:

with new data (collected by Climate Trace) on methane and flaring, we estimate that actual emissions are three times higher than those reported” by these fossil fuel extraction sites.

The 500 most polluting sites emit more per year than the United States (second largest polluter in the world) and 51% of these emissions come from power plants.

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This map shows the biggest polluters around you

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