Use a data strategy in HR to drive performance

[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] Data has become an essential tool in companies. In human resources, it is still little used, which ACT-ON GROUP wants to remedy, as explained to us by Nicolas Eimery, associate director in charge of “Data & IA” activities within the group.

Introduce us to ACT-ON GROUP and its “Data & IA” branch of activity?

ACT-ON GROUP is a leading player in the field of IS, digital transformation and human resources (HRIS). It achieves more than 50 million euros in turnover and has more than 500 employees.

The group’s “Data & IA” entity it represents more than 10% of turnover and employees. It is dedicated to the enhancement of data within organizations, and in particular HR with its “Data For People” solution.

What is the role of data in HR?

Historically, data was first used for analytical purposes in finance, marketing and commerce. HR has often lagged behind. But today, this is no longer possible for three main reasons.

The first is the financialization of the HR function: it is asked for payroll and ROI indicators. The second is that recruitment is a major issue for all organizations, you have to succeed in retaining the employee, offer him specific services and ensure that he is hired. The third is that there are more and more legal indicators for organizations to publish: the parity index, the social report, CSR, etc.

HR must therefore enhance this data capital around employees.

What projects are you implementing with your clients?

We have clients from the CAC 40, SBF 120, but also clients from the public sector and even foundations and associations. Very good brands overall, all keen to move forward in this field.

The first step is data consolidation: we have developed connectors in our platform to retrieve data wherever it is in the organization, to make it a point of truth in the analysis of HR data. and have a 360 degree view of the employee.

Then, depending on the client, we have different modules that we implement: payroll control, legal reporting, payroll simulation. Our projects allow HR to move from a very siled vision of HR reporting to real management of performance in processes and in HR action.

What is the future of data & AI in organizations for HR?

HR is not the first data we think of using, yet it is becoming essential to retain and support employees. It allows HR to position itself as a business partner, and to provide value-added services to operational departments and general management. Today, it is unthinkable for an organization to be able to do without a data strategy, including for HR.

Artificial intelligence has its card to play. We are implementing it through our “Data For People” solution for predicting absenteeism or detecting psychosocial risks, for example. However, these data science models must always be under the responsibility of a human. This is an ethical issue, but also a legal one.

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Use a data strategy in HR to drive performance

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