VIDEO. An artificial intelligence beats world champions in bridge for the first time (and it’s a feat)

We warned our champions that we shouldn’t rely on his nice boil, ”laughs Véronique Ventos. And indeed eight of the best Bridge players in the world bowed, on March 2, 2022, to the digital ingenuity of this little robot, developed by the Parisian start-up NukkAI, which looks amazing with big round eyes and small antennae.

In fact robot, it is an artificial intelligence. Because Nook does not exist. “We are very proud because not only has Nook beaten humans, but the champions have told us: this is the first time that we are playing against a robot that plays like a human,” enthuses Véronique Ventos, one of its creators, co-founder of NukkAI, a start-up specializing in AI, based in the 13th arrondissement of Paris. This victory of a machine against humans in bridge is a first and an event. This complex card game “was one of the last ramparts to resist AI”, explains Véronique. It requires human skills such as communication and reasoning. “It’s the game that most closely resembles real life,” explains Jean-Baptiste Fantun, co-founder of NukkAI. It is played with incomplete information and with adversaries but also a partner which requires explaining the information that is transmitted to him. »

For NukkAI, the bridge therefore served as a real sandbox to create and test this new revolutionary AI. “Artificial intelligence is not just big data, deciphers Jean-Baptiste Fantun. This kind of huge machine into which we pour a lot of data and which comes out with decisions”. Nook is therefore able to explain his choices. It does not rely on phenomenal computing power like the AIs used, for example, in other games such as chess or go.

“It is promising in areas where there is not a lot of data, such as in the field of health or in defence, continues Jean-Baptiste Fantun. This is what differentiates us from the GAFAs, who have an interest in identifying AI with big data because they are the ones who have the data. A way for them to say: it’s no use doing artificial intelligence: move around, buy our products! “.

In bridge, the goal is to arrive at an AI “which collaborates with the human and would say to him: I would play such a card, but what do you think, because you may have information that I do not have. not like psychological information,” explains Véronique Ventos. “Thanks to this faculty of self-explanation, NukkAI is opening up a path that could make it possible to have something that looks more like intelligence than what we have seen in recent years” underlined Cédric Villani who attended live competition. The mathematician and deputy is the author of a parliamentary report in 2018 which inspired the French government’s strategy on artificial intelligence.

NukkAi has raised two million euros in four years and is now looking to raise ten to deploy Nook in cybersecurity, transport or education.

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VIDEO. An artificial intelligence beats world champions in bridge for the first time (and it’s a feat)

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