Viruses, phishing, anonymity, parental control… Bitdefender, the absolute protection weapon

Bitdefender Total Security is a security suite that includes antivirus, firewall, VPN, parental control features, all on your desktop and mobile devices and without affecting performance. And icing on the cake, a 50% discount is available right now.

The studies are formal: online threats are more and more numerous, vicious and dangerous. It becomes difficult to get through without making security arrangements for your devices and personal data. With its Total Security suite, Bitdefender offers a complete solution for all your devices and against all dangers.

The best antivirus protection, with no impact on performance

Bitdefender Total Security protects your devices in real time, so it blocks all potential malicious software and sites before they have time to infect them. The antivirus solution also offers to perform scans at regular intervals or to launch them manually whenever you want to check that your machine is secure. The antivirus is responsible for hunting viruses and ransomware, but also fraud and phishing attempts, as well as spam, when browsing. It further secures access to the device’s webcam and microphone. The role of the firewall is to put an end to intrusion attempts and to filter your network traffic.

According to a study by the independent organization AV-TEST, specialists in the evaluation of antivirus software and security suites, Bitdefender is the best protection on the market against infections. It scores 5.94/6, warning users of almost all existing threats. Bitdefender is even effective against yet unknown database threats thanks to an artificial intelligence system that detects and blocks suspicious behavior.

Better, Bitdefender manages to protect your devices with maximum efficiency without reducing the performance of your devices. Still according to the AV-TEST protocol, the solution is rated 5.81/6 regarding the impact on performance, better than all its competitors. To do this, Bitdefender uses cloud-based protection technologies, for a minimum use of the resources of the terminals on which it is installed. It therefore does not slow down the devices.

Parental control, VPN… many advanced features

The advantage of Bitdefender Total Security is to offer a complete software suite that allows you to benefit from all the features you may need to protect your privacy and browsing in one place. Centralized control is a dashboard that is used to simplify security and device management.

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There are also enhanced parental control options, which allow you to block inappropriate content on the devices used by children, and to set limits for time spent in front of the screen. The system also lets the administrator monitor the online activities of young users.

Bitdefender VPN is included in the Total Security suite. When enabled, it encrypts up to 200MB of traffic per day per device to browse anonymously and protect your privacy. Online confidentiality has become a real social issue and the abuses of internet players have taught us how essential it is to protect personal information. Now you can do it with Bitdefender, without needing to subscribe to an additional third-party VPN service. If you want to benefit from unlimited traffic, this is also the right time to take advantage of a promotional offer on Bitdefender Premium VPN.

Protect all your devices

Bitdefender Total Security reveals its full potential on Windows PC with a host of compatible features, but the security suite is also available on macOS, Android and iOS. On Android for example, you benefit from a WearON function which allows you to extend mobile security to your connected watch. It is also useful for finding your lost smartphone by ringing it, and even for receiving an alert when you step away from your phone. Also on Android, Bitdefender Anti-Theft is used to locate and lock your device remotely in the event of loss or theft. It is also possible to send a message to the mobile, or to erase the content remotely. This feature also gives the Android phone self-defense capabilities: it will notably be able to take a photo of anyone who tries to manipulate it in your absence, then send it to your Bitdefender Central account.

Right now, you can save 50% on the annual subscription, which goes from 79.99 euros to 39.98 euros for the first year. This therefore amounts to paying only 3.33 euros per month and this offer makes it possible to protect up to five devices. And for 44.99 euros, you have the opportunity to secure ten different terminals (Windows, Mac, iOS yes Android). Two-year and three-year subscription plans are also available. They have the advantage of guaranteeing the duration of the promotion over a longer period for a lower monthly cost price. The annual subscription is very practical for trying out the service at an advantageous rate.

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Viruses, phishing, anonymity, parental control… Bitdefender, the absolute protection weapon

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