What is intelligent search and what is it for?

Data management is the major challenge facing companies today. To help them, there are AI-powered tools like intelligent search. But what exactly is this technology?

Intelligent search is a concept that must be clearly differentiated from enterprise search. The latter is a tool used by employees, within a company, to find information more efficiently. Intelligent search is the technology that enables this application. the principle of intelligent search is quite complex. It is a technology at the frontiers of machine learning, vectorial semantic search and artificial intelligence. Its objective is to offer the search results best suited to a user’s needs, through a multitude of information sources. This information can come from intranet data, e-mails or even file systems. They are then centralized on a single platform to facilitate their consultation.

The benefits of intelligent search

Intelligent search has many benefits for the companies that use it. It makes it possible to create a well-updated database, to improve productivity within teams, to offer a practical research tool for employees as well as for customers and prospects.

Take advantage of an organized and up-to-date database

With the intelligent search, you have the possibility of grouping all the data of a company in several categories which you specify beforehand and which you can modify according to your needs. This is very useful for identifying duplicate or outdated items and extracting them from potential search results. In this way, you have an up-to-date, well-organized and above all transparent database.

Increase employee productivity

Intelligent search is a way to search for information. Thanks to this technology, the user can find his information without consulting his old e-mails, a file database which is no longer used and not updated and Internet resources. Everything is centralized and optimized to offer him a fast, fair and up-to-date response.

Offer a simple and practical search tool

Another advantage of intelligent search is that the technology is very easy to use. It works like a traditional search engine, with the only exception that keywords must be typed into a company-internal search bar. An operation that anyone who has ever been on Google (so everyone) can perform without difficulty.

Enrich the customer relationship

Finally, intelligent search can also be a tool for customers and prospects who want to find information about your business. To do this, they can use a search bar on your site to find the information that interests them. Thanks to this transparency, they can trust you more easily, which can therefore ultimately increase your turnover.

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What is intelligent search and what is it for?

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