100% French-speaking immigration | Fitzgibbon wants exceptions

(Quebec) The Minister of the Economy, Pierre Fitzgibbon, calls for realism and believes that the 100% Francophone immigration target announced by the Prime Minister must leave room for exceptions, particularly in the drums sector. This outing is supported by the Conseil du patronat.

“It would be fun to have 100%. But you have to be realistic and balance that with the needs, ”launched Mr. Fitzgibbon at the entrance to the Council of Ministers on Wednesday.

The day before, François Legault had announced that he wanted immigration controlled by Quebec to be 100% French-speaking by 2026 to stop the decline of French.

Mr. Fitzgibbon, who is also Minister of Energy, believes, however, that exceptions will have to be made for cutting-edge areas, such as expert jobs in the battery sector. “You have to go there on a case-by-case basis. For example, in the drums sector, there are Koreans who are here with [l’entreprise] POSCO. Exceptions have to be made. You have to be careful to put general rules, ”he said.

“Each case is different. We should look with expertise that is not in French-speaking countries, ”he added.

Shared caution

This point of view is shared by the Conseil du patronat. “Honestly, what I have heard is that we are tending towards 100%. That in itself is not necessarily bad news. We subscribe to the government’s concerns,” said the president of the lobby, Karl Blackburn, in an interview with The Press.

However, he hopes that the government will engage in “significant reflection” before changing the rules of the game.

In [répartition] too rigid, we could deprive ourselves of important talent for Quebec businesses.

Karl Blackburn, President of the Employers’ Council

He for his part cites the fields of artificial intelligence, engineering, health and video games, where relief could be necessary. These companies ‘need talent no matter where they are [sur la planète] explained Mr. Blackburn.

A large French-speaking basin, Fréchette replica

For her part, the Minister of Immigration, Christine Fréchette, takes a completely different view. “You have to realize that there are more than 320 million French speakers. I cannot believe that among these 320 million, those who will want to immigrate, that there are not enough of them who correspond to the needs, to the profiles,” she said.

100 French speaking immigration Fitzgibbon wants


Christine Fréchette, Minister of Immigration

Mme Fréchette also specified that the target set by Mr. Legault is 100% Francophone or Francotropic immigration, that is to say “parl[ant] a Latin language for which language transfers are more easily made towards French”.

Will French speakers be enough to meet our demand? Should Francotropic countries be targeted? This is what we will see in use.

Christine Fréchette, Minister of Immigration

She pointed out that her ministry will hold a consultation in 2023 to “discuss multi-year planning” and that several issues will be raised, including immigration thresholds, regionalization and proficiency in French by immigration candidates.

However, she will keep in mind the mission entrusted to her by the Prime Minister: “to take into consideration the decline that there is in connection with the French language” and to ensure that “our immigration policy will improve the situation French “.

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100% French-speaking immigration | Fitzgibbon wants exceptions

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