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The Zscaler company has released its report 2021 on the status of encrypted attacks. It reveals a increase in threats by more than 314% in one year in the Asia-Pacific region, Europe and North America. This finding underscores the need for deeper traffic inspection than traditional security models allow. Seven of the industries covered in the study are seeing an increase in attacks, a phenomenon driven by threats in SSL and TLS traffic. The tech sector has been the most affected by threatsalone totaling 50% of the attacks.

With digital strategies adapting to both uncertainty and the onset of economic recovery, IT security is a critical topic. The cybersecurity landscape continues to grow in complexity, due to the rise of new and enhanced threats. Employees should also be properly trained to recognize potential threats and given clear instructions. Companies have every interest in applying a global and comprehensive approachcoupling the Zero Trust approach with raising employee awareness to protect their networks and upgrading their security protocols.

In view of these new threats and challenges looming, Gigamon shares his tips for making sure you get the most out of hybrid working, safely:

  1. Beware of scams : Malicious actors have become increasingly adept in their attack plans. Today’s scams are designed to catch you off guard. They are stealthy, fast and often believable. According to the study Zero Trust, 44% of InfoSec teams have seen an increase in phishing attacks in 2020 alone. To deal with this, it is essential to keep a close eye on suspicious emails, phone calls, social media logins and even messages .
  1. Run security updates : Keeping the software up to date is essential, it is even one of the easiest and most effective practices to protect the increasingly solicited home network. They contain security fixes that are necessary to ensure the protection of the personal network of collaborators. Furthermore, upgrading SSL and TLS cryptographic protocols that have become vulnerable to various advanced cryptographic threats is a must. Having become obsolete, the TLS 1.0 and 1.1 protocols are likely to create leaks of sensitive data. The coordinated transition to TLS 1.2 is an effective and necessary solution to continue to ensure optimal data security.
  1. If in doubt, follow the rules : A company’s security policies are designed to ensure the protection of the organization and its personnel. However, some incidents often occur when the tools and services approved by IT teams are not used or are misused.

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314% increase in HTTPS threats in one year – Globb Security EN

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