350 Cascades employees have chosen to drive electric –

Five years ago, Cascades announced the launch of a unique and innovative transportation electrification program for its employees. The company is now making a positive assessment of the program as 350 employees have chosen to drive electric since the launch. The program continues to arouse great interest among employees but also among other organizations wishing to learn from it.

Terminals and financial aid

The program consists of gradually deploying charging infrastructure at its sites and offering financial assistance of up to $2,000 for the purchase or lease of a plug-in vehicle, new or used, in order to remove the obstacles to the acquisition of an electric vehicle. To date, 117 level 2 charging stations (240V) have been installed at all Cascades sites in Quebec and Ontario. In addition to this number, there is a level 3 fast charging station (400V) at the Kingsey Falls head office intended for the community; the first free fast charging station installed on a private site.

“True to its values ​​and concerned with reducing its environmental footprint, Cascades is proud to have brought to life an employee’s suggestion to deploy a program to help employees go electric and thus reduce the company’s indirect emissions. This initiative is in addition to many other actions taken by the company to achieve aggressive GHG reductions aligned and endorsed by the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi),” said Mario Plourde, President and CEO of Waterfalls.

Deployment through its other Canadian sites (Manitoba and British Columbia) will be completed within a few weeks and will then continue on its American sites (where electrification makes it possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in a significant). On the sidelines, Cascades continues to promote public transit and carpooling to its employees.


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350 Cascades employees have chosen to drive electric –

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