A good selfie camera, the most requested item by the TikTok generation. – Benin News

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Social networks are changing the way users use their smartphones and manufacturers are realizing the importance of keeping up with these trends. The front camera of mobile phones had been relegated to the background, but platforms such as TikTok are forcing companies in the sector to rethink this strategy, highlighting this lens that was previously only used to take selfies.

This social network is posting record figures, exceeding one billion active users worldwide, most of whom are young people between the ages of 15 and 25. TikTok’s growth during the pandemic sparked the use of the front camera of mobile phones, not only for to take selfies, but for to record videos that will be used for editing or transitions.as well as other actions requiring higher technical specifications.

The Vivo company was one of the first to respond to these needs and its product manager, Carlos Mellado, explains the needs that have been detected in consumers in order to be able to offer them. “the best selfie camera system” for content creation. Social media influencers are now looking more at their front camera than their back camera and that’s what they demand, according to this expert.


The so-called “selfie” camera is no longer just for taking photos, but is increasingly focusing on video. The young (and not so young) record yourself directly from this lens and, at the same time, see yourself on the mobile phone screen.The camera is a bit like a small movie studio. The ability to record video in 4K quality at 60 frames per second (fps) from this front lens is a complete game-changer.

This is one of the highlights of the new vivo V23 5G “smartphone”., which also incorporates the first 50MP lens in a mobile front cameraas Mellado explains. “It has some of the specs that make it an above-average selfie camera: 4K, 50MP autofocus, electronic stabilizer, 105 degree super wide angle, dual tone front dual flash or the use of AI for portrait photography,” he detailed.

The company opted for a dual front camera, with a 50 MP lens and an 8 MP super wide-angle lens, which reaches 105 degrees, so that no one is forgotten in the group photos. In addition to this, stabilization is another key element, according to experts, although to record this type of video, most creators use a tripod or leave the phone on a surface.

“The trend for a few years in the sector is to focus a large part of its R&D on the rear camera. This is surprising as more and more people are using the front camera for social media and professional content creation. With the vivo V23 5G, we continue to maintain quality standards in a very powerful rear camera, but without sacrificing the front camera,” Mellado reiterates.


Content creators are also aware of the importance of good lighting when recording videos and while it is best to choose scenarios with good natural light, technology can also help from the phone. mobile itself. Features of vivo V23 5G Dual Tone Spotlight system, two LED lights on the front of the phone (almost invisible when not in use) and four fill lights to enhance shots in all types of surroundings.

In addition, the terminal has an improved artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm to “get the best out of every photo”, even in night mode. Experts point out that it is important that the hardware is supported by good software to improve the end result and, in this context, artificial intelligence plays a key role.

Finally, the vivo expert underlines the importance of taking into account other specifications which, although not directly related to the camera, are essential to get the most out of it. “We always rely on four fundamental pillars: a good camera, long battery life, distinctive design and smooth performance.“, defends Mellado.

In order to create content without interruption and smoothly users demand power and large battery. In this case, the vivo V23 5G relies on a MediaTek Dimensity 920 processor (with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal storage) and a 4,200 mAh battery, supported by a 44 W fast charging system. specifications that make a smartphone the ideal workhorse for content creators.

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A good selfie camera, the most requested item by the TikTok generation. – Benin News

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