A video on the evolution of man scares social networks: it is created with artificial intelligence

The dismay of Internet users shows that there is a lack of education on artificial intelligence, the artist of the clip told how the video was made.

It is not the vision of an artificial intelligence that reveals a dystopian future. Even if it looks like it. On Twitter, a clip tracing human evolution in 30 seconds has gone viral. It has been viewed over 9 million times. It starts with a monkey, ends with monstrous aliens melting into a liquid state. The result is a video overtly inspired by HR Gyges’ Alien with the dreamlike features of 2001’s A Space Odyssey.

It’s called The Evolution of Man, the author is artist Fabio Comparelli, who created the clip using artificial intelligence. He was born in Italy but lives in Switzerland and is 34 years old. Marques Brownlee, an American YouTuber considered one of the top tech experts, took it viral by sharing it on Twitter. His comment on the clip is a worried “Oh no…”

There is no education to understand artificial intelligence

There are those who believe that artificial intelligence can transform into a post-human Cassandra who spouts prophecies. Because of this, many social media users misinterpreted the clip. They believed it was independently generated by an AI.

On Twitter they write: “Can virtual reality really do this? Or: “I believe in AI”, others, “but it’s terrifying”. There are those who try to challenge the video: “It’s diabolical. We did not start out as monkeys and we are not destined to end up as robots. Among the comments are those who try to explain that AI can’t create original content from scratch, but they are a minority.

The problem is that currently there is no culture on artificial intelligence, considered by many to be an autonomous system capable of generating worlds and, in this case, apocalyptic predictions. It is not so. As the author of the video explains, AI reflects, with a margin of variability, the indications of those who use it. It is a tool that allows experimentation, creation and enrichment of artistic disciplines.

How was the video created?

Comparelli used the Stable Diffusion algorithm developed by Stability IA, which uses deep learning to produce images based on a textual description. In fact, each image was generated following input from the artist. The monkey, then the prehistoric, medieval, modern man, the cyborg, the extraterrestrial and finally the state of pure information. These are all the steps that Fabio Comparelli dictated to the artificial intelligence that created the images.

The software had to be informed of every detail. The subject, the decor, the colors, whether it’s day or night, the artistic style he should be inspired by. 55,000 frames were generated for The Evolution of Man music video. Then the artist picked the best ones, placed them side by side on a timeline, added the transitions, and posted the video to Instagram.

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A video on the evolution of man scares social networks: it is created with artificial intelligence

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