AI: the startup Sorius joins the IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator program

Managed in partnership by IBM and Village Capital, the acceleration program focused on investment support and technical mentoring IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator has just selected its 2022 promotion of the most promising startups in the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Several hundred startups from around the world have applied for this program and Sorius is one of the rare French startups to be among the selected companies, chosen for their technical skills, the strength of the team and the scalability of the business model.

Specialist in online coaching and health prevention through cycling, Sorius integrates IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator within Cohort 5 and benefits from two years of mentorship provided by the best AI and IT specialists in the world. .

The IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator philosophy: Equity, Property and Security

Tech For Good For Profit, here is how I can define the IBM Hyper Protect accelerator which accompanies the unicorns of tomorrow towards a three-way vision of their business model, by putting human beings and the confidentiality of their data on an equal footing, the performance of the technology and its impact. Joining this program is a great opportunity to make Sorius the leader in online coaching in Europe and a major player in sports and health. We are very proud to represent France and to be able to benefit from the best IBM experts in Artificial Intelligence on an international scale.“, says Florent Polizzi, co-founder and CTO of Sorius.

In addition to two years of ongoing technical mentorship from a team of IBMers and 3 months of business mentorship led by Village Capital, Sorius will receive IBM Cloud Credits of up to $120,000, which equals a maximum of $10,000 per month for a period of one year.

Benefits of the IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator program:

Access to world-class security experts with deep business expertise in over 20 industries

- Partnered with the most open and secure cloud provider for enterprises with advanced next-gen data and AI capabilities

- Access to a global network of next-generation data security solution providers

- Access to a community of 145 global startups

IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator program selection criteria

This program focuses on supporting breakthrough solution providers around the world by leveraging highly sensitive data in digital, financial, insurance and healthcare services.

The Friends of Hyper Protect cohorts and startups were selected based on a multi-step process led by leaders from IBM Z and Village Capital. Entries were evaluated based on data security needs, use cases, product-market fit, size, age, and ability to build and scale.

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AI: the startup Sorius joins the IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator program

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