APLYMO, the first real estate financing marketplace – Challenges

Why this increase in mortgage rates?

ML: “In the current economic context, the ECB (European Central Bank) adopts an anti-inflationary policy by increasing the policy rate, which has the effect of varying the quantity of money in circulation in the economy. This lever has 2 significant consequences for a borrower, it considerably increases the cost of credit and reduces the borrowing capacity of households (…) add to that a rate of wear unsuited to the current context and you get a avalanche of loan refusals »

Can brokers have an impact on these rates

ML: “Since the end of 2019, the world of banks and brokers has experienced a fracture unprecedented. Whereas 60% of loans in 2021 are processed by these intermediariessome banks have decided to dispense with their services (Crédit Agricole, CIC-Crédit Mutuel) and for others to apply a drastic reduction in their commissions.

We can’t blame the banks, we have to understand them.

In fact, it has been 5 years that they have been undergoing a lasting drop in credit rates which impacts their profitability on this product. Somewhere it’s a double penalty for these financial institutions on this type of product, which it should be remembered is a tool for qualitative prospecting and loyalty and a key moment in the relationship between the bank adviser and his client. »

How to reconcile these 2 major financing players and have an impact on rates for the borrower

ML: After 15 years of experience in banking and through the various commercial and managerial positions that I have held, I wanted to find a solution by creating the first real estate financing marketplace. I surrounded myself with my co-founder, Kim CHOUTE, COO, to have this customer and user vision. We were keen to revolutionize the real estate financing market »

How is APLYMO revolutionizing this market?

LM: “ Our real estate financing marketplace offers all players in the real estate market :

· a digital platform so that applicants (real estate agent, borrower, broker, etc.) and banks can negotiate with each other directly.

· disintermediation of the market

By offering the free to the borrower and a system subscription to brokers and banksAPLYMO Marketplace is revolutionizing the business model.

This financing marketplace offers two different solutions:

· Aplymo marketplace is a B2B solution which offers banks access to home loan applications.

· Aplymo is a B2C solution intended for real estate agents as well as borrowers who would like to submit one or more loan applications.

To do this, APLYMO integrates a combination of technology including a powerful algorithma Artificial intelligencea Optical Character Recognition (OCR) as well as a Know Your Customer control automated (KYC), knowledge of the customer. To ensure the security of these data flows, our solution uses the technology Blockchain owner. »

APLYMO, how does it work?

Discover how Aplymo works by watching this video, Click here

ML: “Often, the search for real estate financing can be a source of stress. To avoid all forms of anxiety, aplymo offers a 100% digital solution dedicated to the financing of your real estate project with a team recruited from major banking groups and real estate experts.

Our goal is to save borrowers time and money by offering them the best rates on the market.

Thanks to APLYMO, you can submit your financing application online via a simple, fast and secure route for the modest sum of zero euros.

To do this, nothing simpler. Simply :

1. Log in to the platform

2. Answer a few questions to define your borrower profile

3. Send the requested supporting documents

Thus, our technological tool analyze your request in order to bring you instant reliable response.

If your file is validated via our platform, it will then be available on the interface on all our banking partners.

Our solution facilitates the study of your file by the banks as well as the obtaining of your real estate financing.

By a simple notification, you receive the different proposals on your customer area.

Thanks to Aplymo, you have the success of your real estate project at your fingertips. »

Are you going to tackle other intermediated markets:

LM: “ Yes quite. In September we will launch FINABOLT which is in production.

This financing marketplace will address the professional credit.

It is eagerly awaited by craftsmen, VSEs, SMEs and SMIs as well as banking establishments because the business banking service is the product most profitable in the industry.

This test will allow us to position ourselves on all intermediated markets and integrate a marketplace solution adapted to the sector of activity. »

If you are keen to find a simple and intuitive platform to carry out your real estate project, this is the essential application for you!

Do not hesitate to contact them for any additional information. Professionals will be at your disposal and will not hesitate to give you all the solutions to facilitate the study of your financing file.

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APLYMO, the first real estate financing marketplace – Challenges

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