Big Bang Health: try to participate in the live event at Le Figaro

The seventh Big Bang Santé will be held on November 29, 30 and 1er December, in public from the auditorium of Le Figaro. Register to try to attend this exceptional event dedicated to the latest scientific and medical innovations.

The Big Bang Health is back! After two appointments in digital format, this edition will take place in the presence of the public, in the auditorium Jean d’Ormesson du Figaro (9 rue Pillet-Will, Paris 9th).

Each morning will start at 10:45 a.m. (reception of the public from 10 a.m.) and will end with a cocktail during which it will be possible to exchange with the speakers present and some emblematic journalists from Figaro: Guillaume Roquetteeditorial director of Figaro Magazine, Yves ThreardDeputy Managing Editor, Jacques-Olivier Martindirector of and editorial director of Big Bang Santé, Mary Visotdeputy editor-in-chief of Le Figaro Économie…

The event will also be broadcast live on Figaro Liveon the newspaper’s Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.

Tuesday, November 29, 2022: Cancer’s Big Bang

It is with cancer, a titanic subject, that we will begin this Big Bang. For the first time in France, a large-scale exhibition is devoted to this complex pathology, at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie. We learn that cancer is not new (it was born 500 million years ago! ), but that it is becoming, through the joint effect of Westernization and the demographic transition, the evil of our century. But this dark picture conceals glimmers of hope. Never have scientific progress been so significant. All the new technologies are enlisted in this merciless duel against the “crab”: artificial intelligence, nanotechnologies, genomics, liquid biopsy, messenger RNA… The gains are already immense, both in terms of speed of diagnosis than in the effectiveness of treatment. The greatest specialists in oncology, gathered for the occasion, will testify to these advances. We will all ask this crucial question: are we on the verge of beating cancer?

  • Report: The“Cancer” exhibition of the Cité des sciences et de l’industrie, with Laurence Caunézil, co-curator and Alain Eychène, scientific director
  • Opening interview with Anne Vincent SolomonHead of the Pole of Diagnostic and Theranostic Medicine at the Institut Curie, Professor at the University of Paris Sciences et Lettres
  • Report: TheGustave Roussy Institute3th world cancer research center and its “hyper-personalized” cancer strategy
  • Debate moderated by Cecile Thibert (science and medicine journalist): Tomorrow, cancer will no longer kill? With notably Clarisse LhostePresident of MSD France, Catherine Tourette-Turgisfounder of the University of Patients-Sorbonne University…
  • Interview: Yves Thréard receives Sylvie RetailleauMinister of Higher Education and Research

Wednesday, November 30, 2022: Big Bang of telemedicine

Doctolib, Livi, Qare… Still unknown to the general public a few years ago, these platforms have become, thanks to the epidemic, real allies in the medical follow-up of the French. And the phenomenon is probably only in its infancy. Worn by the success of remote consultation, other branches of telemedicine are developing, such as remote monitoring. Gone are the days when telemedicine – “sub-medicine” for many – was barely tolerated, as an exception, within the conventional care pathway. By generalizing hitherto marginal practices, confinements have opened the door to a change of perspective: what if, after all, telemedicine were the miracle cure for a health system that everyone knows, that everyone feels, at the end of breath ? Throughout France, e-health is gaining ground, while the number of practitioners per inhabitant is declining. But will telemedicine, including its most innovative versions, be enough to populate our medical deserts? Remote healing, is it still healing? We will discuss it with our speakers, major players in e-health and access to care.

  • Report: Diving into theteeming world of telemedicinewhen technology combines with medicine to try to improve patient monitoring throughout France
  • Opening interview with the general Edouard Halbertdirector of health information and digital systems within the French Armed Forces Health Service (SSA)
  • “The Opinion” of Lawrence Alexander
  • Report: Chips, connected implants… What will the augmented body of the future look like?
  • Debate moderated by Mary Visot (deputy editor-in-chief of Figaro Economie): How to fight against medical deserts? With Agnes Firmin-Le BodoMinister Delegate in charge of Territorial Organization and Health Professions, Antoine TesniereCEO of ParisSanté Campus and Philippe VermeschPresident of the Union of Liberal Physicians (SML)
  • Interview: Yves Thréard receives Guillaume Rozier, data scientist, founder of CovidTracker and ViteMaDose

Thursday, December 1: Big Bang of prevention

“Prevention”: unquestionably, one of the keywords for this new school year. By establishing free consultations at the pivotal ages of life, the government intends to make medical prevention one of the priorities for the five-year term. Admittedly, after two years of tracking down variants, racing for vaccines, one could reproach the subject for his lack of panache… Wrongly. Prevention, whether considered on a collective or individual scale, has always been the “poor relation” of our health system. Only 2% of the French budget is devoted to it, a much lower share than that of our neighbours. We know, however, that the occurrence of chronic pathologies depends, to a large extent, on our (bad) lifestyle habits: alcohol, tobacco, sedentary lifestyle, overweight, etc. Preventing these risk factors therefore means reducing healthcare costs and above all , improve the length and quality of life for everyone. From information campaigns to predictive medicine, this last Big Bang will be an opportunity to draw up a vast inventory of tricolor prevention. In the company of experts and researchers, we will discuss the adage that has always rhymed prevention and cure.

  • Reportage : 50 years of prevention, review of the French approach to health prevention and the most significant campaigns
  • Opening interview with Luc Ferryphilosopher and essayist
  • Debate moderated by Jacques-Olivier Martin (digital editorial director of Le Figaro): How far is prevention? With notably Stephane JuniqueCEO of the Vyv Group, Nicolas Bouzoueconomist and essayist…
  • Report: Visit of SeqOneleader in predictive and personalized medicine in France, with Nicholas PhilipCEO and Founder, and Pascal PujolPresident of the French Society of Predictive and Personalized Medicine (SFMPP)
  • Interview: Yves Thréard receives Francois Brown, Minister of Health and Prevention

With our partners: Groupe Vyv – Medtronic – MSD France – La Poste and the support of the National Federation of Medical Information

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Big Bang Health: try to participate in the live event at Le Figaro

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