Chad: UJT provides guidelines for the celebration of the 29th edition of World Press Freedom Day –

The vice-president of the Union of Chadian journalists Abba André in a press briefing this Sunday, May 01 at the media house, made a statement relating to the activities of the celebration of the 29th edition of the World Day for the Freedom of the Press (JMLP).

The executive office of the Union of Chadian Journalists would like to inform all the actors of the profession and their public that the activities of the celebration of the 29th edition of the JMLP will be celebrated later and coupled, for the first time, with those of the anniversary of the UJT, the 33rd of the life of the organization, to maximize more results during this period of transition, where media professionals seem to be excluded from the CNT and all the other national components of the transition.

This year’s JMLP celebration under the theme “journalism under digital siege” will bring together internet company executives, cybersecurity executives, artificial intelligence researchers and legal experts to explore the impact of the digital age on the freedom of expression and the safety of journalists, the viability of the media and the commitments made by the country’s high authorities for the protection of press freedom, access to information and facilities related to the exercise of the profession.

Abba André points out that it is no secret that RUTF staff have been brooding for several years without disturbing the authorities of this country. In the absence of a credible interlocutor, these agents now take to the streets to demand from their employer, the Chadian government, to pay their eighteen-month arrears of premiums and allowances as well as the best living and working conditions.

We also cannot pass over in silence the brutal arrest and kidnapping, without any explanation, of our colleague Olivier MEMNDIGDE, correspondent for La Voix du Paysan radio and Radio Oxygène by the authorities of the province of Logone Oriental, while that he covered the abuses perpetrated against the population of Donia on April 19 by the police and the discontent of the agents of the Chadian Press and Publishing Agency (ATPE)” denounces the vice-president of the UJT.

The UJT adds its voice to these agents to ask the government to settle the situation as quickly as possible, before the very forthcoming holding of the inclusive national dialogue. “We take this opportunity to appeal to the financial authorities to carry out the presidential instructions to remove all obstacles, to make subsidies available to the press for its development.” he launches.

Vice-President Abba André concludes that this junction is explained, not only by the lack of resources necessary for the organization of these two events separately, but also to avoid overloading this weekend, where the Muslim community is preparing to celebrate the end of Ramadan and the world of work is preparing for May Day. The activities will be spread over the last week of May and details will be communicated later by press voice.

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Chad: UJT provides guidelines for the celebration of the 29th edition of World Press Freedom Day –

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