Coastal University: “Unemployment, in IT, does not exist”

The Université du littoral Côte d’Opale (ULCO) is 30 years old. And good results in terms of integration into the labor market. New example in our series, with computers.

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License offers a classic course in computer science. It is a general license, which then allows entry into working life. ” We are very application developer oriented, we train more web oriented programmers explains Éric Ramat, director of the IT department. Network system administration, server installation… With this diploma in hand, you can work with hosts like OVH for example or join the IT department of an SME: ” Unemployment, in IT, it does not exist says Eric Ramat.

From bachelor’s to master’s

In fact, very few students stop at the license level. They continue until the master, level often required for computer jobs. This is why the license in Calais prepares for entry into a master’s degree. The license is closely linked to the IUT (university institute of technology), where there is a computer department. Some of its students then pursue a license at ULCO: this represents a good quarter of the 3rd year license students. The license recruits all over the coast while the recruitment of the master is national.

The master

In masters, there is 100% employment at the exit, if we could do 200%, we would do it “says Éric Ramat. There are two specializations in Calais: initial training web-oriented and artificial intelligenceand learning with the master Free software engineering, Three quarters of the program is common to both. The principle: a long-term internship at the end of the course in initial training, two weeks in the company and one week at school in apprenticeship. Many alumni of these courses become speakers at ULCO! They are IT project managers, technology experts… The development of applications has outlets in service companies… often in the Lille metropolitan area: “ Often, they start there and then join the IT department of large companies. There are also students in large coastal companies such as Eurotunnel, Alcatel, Arcelor, and SMEs. As for apprenticeship, both young people and businesses are in demand. Young people to improve their skills, companies to attract students as early as possible.

Find the details of the training courses on the ULCO website, as well as the studies on the professional integration of students:

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Coastal University: “Unemployment, in IT, does not exist”

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