“Companies need engineers, this is a national priority that fits into a global context”

The two hundred French engineering schools issue tens of thousands of engineering degrees every year. The Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur (CTI) is responsible for evaluating the training provided by the institutions and ensuring its quality.

In 2012, French engineering schools “graduated” 33,000 students per year. In 2020, this number rose to 44,000. A jump strongly due to private post-baccalaureate schools (+ 37% of the workforce over the last five years). How does the CTI, whose task is notably to assess the quality of training, respond to this increase?

The CTI has indeed been faced with an increase in the number of training courses, and the growth in the number of graduates corresponds to a strong need for engineers, both nationally and globally. Demand is strong in several areas: artificial intelligence, digital transition, cybersecurity, energy transition.

This need is also reflected in the increase in the number of school evaluations carried out by the CTI (65 in 2013-2014, 106 in 2022-2023). And, indeed, it is accompanied by a strong growth in the number of targeted training courses. We have integrated it both into the revision of our reference framework in 2022, with new insights, on CSR in particular, but also taking into account the expectations of socio-economic circles and students, in the adaptation of our methodology. including a permanent dialogue with the stakeholders, an increase in the pool of experts, a reinforcement of the permanent team of the CTI.

Since the last baccalaureate reform, more and more high school students who have not chosen “expert maths” are entering post-baccalaureate engineering schools. What are the consequences on the level of new cohorts?

Engineering schools have always recruited students with varied profiles, with the particular mission of supporting students in order to standardize their levels and meet the requirements expected of an engineer at the end of their training. Refresher and remedial lessons have been deployed in schools for a long time and are part of the elements evaluated by the CTI.

The numbers of public schools (post-baccalaureate) are progressing very slowly (for lack of resources) and these establishments remain much more selective than private schools. Are we moving towards a two-level engineering title?

The CTI applies a single reference system, regardless of the institution, and the evaluation is carried out according to the same criteria, whether it is a private or public school under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and research or under the supervision of any other ministry. Companies need engineers, this is a national priority which is part of a global context with strong demand and strong attractiveness for this type of profile. Engineering schools contribute to training engineers in this competitive context and we ensure that the same level of quality is maintained for all these schools.

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“Companies need engineers, this is a national priority that fits into a global context”

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