Cybersecurity: effective and affordable solutions for the smallest businesses

[CONTENU PARTENAIRE] For 30 years, Espace Technologie has specialized in computer technologies. Its sixty employees work mainly on behalf of VSEs and SMEs. In this article, the President of Espace Technologie, Yann Belz, details the challenges of cybersecurity.

What is Espace Technologie’s mission?

The IT world is dense and its professions are very different. The issues are just as diverse. Espace Technologie helps VSEs and SMEs to see things more clearly. Our company brings together 12 skill centers complementary to each other, led by specialists and experts in their field :

  • Security and backup;
  • Cloud;
  • Cybersecurity;
  • Telecom;
  • Application development;
  • Service and maintenance services;
  • Enterprise connected objects;
  • Software and training;
  • Internet ;
  • Infrastructure and networks;
  • New and reconditioned equipment;
  • Printing and consumables.

The goal, to find in Espace Technologie a single point of contact to answer all the bricks of our customers’ information systems. Today, we have more than 4,500 customers under maintenance contract.

How do you ensure the cybersecurity of your customers?

There are several types of threats: those that come from the Internet, and those that are within the company. However, traditional solutions (anti-virus, Firewall, anti-spam, etc.) are no longer sufficient to guard against a cyber attack, especially if it is based on digital identity theft (the main focus of hackers since the explosion of teleworking).

Conventional protections are ineffective to guard against internal risks (theft, exfiltration, deletion, compromise – voluntary or not – of data, industrial espionage, malicious intent or revenge, etc.). They are also useless when a hacker has managed to penetrate the corporate network by hacking into a user account.

There are now complementary solutions that detect anomalies and unusual behavior on the corporate network. They then alert the IT manager of a possible attack or unusual behavior in progress. However, these solutions are very expensive, and are mainly aimed at large groups. In addition, VSEs and SMEs do not have IT experts to help them analyze alerts. Espace Technologie has therefore worked on setting up an equally effective solution for smaller players.

Our cyber department has worked with our developers to develop a cyber surveillance solution, compatible with the budgets of VSEs and SMEs. Suspicious incidents at our customers are detected automatically. Our monitoring service analyzes on behalf of our customers the various problems occurring on their network, and blocks any criminal action. Espace Technologie performs the work of an IT Security Manager for them. In summary, we set up a monitoring solution for our customers, and our teams intervene in the event of an alert to remove any doubts. The embedded artificial intelligence is responsible for automatically blocking any known attack in real time.

Our cyber security division acts as an advisor to carry out inventories, audits and intrusion tests. We don’t stop there! We recommend the solutions to be implemented to effectively protect our customers, taking into account the budgetary and human resources issues of small and medium-sized businesses. We work according to the recommendations of ANSSI and have obtained the “Cyber ​​Security Expert” label issued by Cybermalveillance.gouv.

How do you carry out this inventory with your customers?

Our services vary according to the size of the companies. Espace Technologie offers two types of inventory:

  • A technical inventory to analyze existing security vulnerabilities and recommend technical defense and data protection solutions;
  • An organizational inventory, to ensure that the customer is familiar with the mapping of his information system. An expert from Espace Technologie reviews all its means of defence, whether technical or administrative:
  • Does he have the right contract, the right IT charter with his employees? Who is responsible in the event of loss of data stored on a Cloud? ;
  • Who is responsible for the backup process? What are its remedies in the event of stolen data? ;
  • Does the insurance cover cyber risks?

This support is necessary, because we see in the field that the vast majority of VSEs/SMEs entrust their data to a service provider. without even reading their cloud hosting contract… It is sometimes tragic to see that the business manager is not informed that the service provider is neither responsible nor even responsible for backing up the hosted data…

In your opinion, what are the points of vigilance in terms of cyber security?

There is an exponential increase in cyberattacks! In my opinion, this growth is due, among other things, to a change in the modus operandi of hackers. In the past, they were organized and developed attack solutions to take action. From now on, their operation is inspired by the SaaS (Software As A Service) model. They develop effective solutions which they then rent out to petty computer criminals. Their “clients” do not need specific skills: training sessions lasting a few hours are enough.

Tutorials teach them how to attack themselves. Thus, if a few attacking experts praise their solutions, thousands of computer criminals can attack companies… In general, they get their hands on small companies, poorly defended, and therefore easy prey. Hence the interest in acting as Espace Technologie does. Democratize effective cybersecurity solutions, it also means defending the French economic fabricrich with a multitude of small businesses.

Besides cybersecurity, what are the current issues that concern you?

Espace Technologie is very sensitive to the fact that the IT industry is one of the most polluting and energy consuming. We are vigilant about our energy consumption and we have been acting in favor of the circular economy for many years. Our teams in charge of technology watch select energy-efficient equipment, with a high repairability index (energy consumption varies from 1 to 4 depending on the computer model).

With our partner LEASECOM, we have developed a scalable equipment rental solution. The equipment is rented for 2 or 3 years, is reconditioned, and rented again at a lower cost for young companies, associations, low-budget schools… Our objective is to offer at least 3 life cycles to computer equipment.

In addition, we have set up reinvestment plans with our customers to recover computer products they no longer use. This circuit of remanufacturing allows us to recycle computers, printers, and all other IT devices, for more responsible consumption. Our development center is currently working on the design of software connected to an application to manage the shutdown of computers on standby and the energy consumption of terminals and servers.

Our big challenge for 2023? The expansion of our Data Center, equipped with a backup power supply powered by solar energy.

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Cybersecurity: effective and affordable solutions for the smallest businesses

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